How to Install a Wireless Adapter Without a CD

Hello, Please tell me about how to install a wireless Adapter without a CD. I am not able to install this wireless adapter. Give me any solution.

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Install a Wireless Adapter Without a CD:

As a user, you must have faced the situation of losing the installation disc or CD getting misplaced at home. There are times when we accidentally throw out the CD that came along with the computer hardware. Actually, our problem is that we only realize the importance of something, when we lose it or when we need it the most like the times when you are trying to install the wireless network adapters which is needed so that the drivers can function in a proper manner.

One great thing is that you can configure your Windows operating system for locating and installing the latest drivers for the network adapter. Mentioned-below are some of the steps that one needs to follow in order to install a wireless adapter without a CD.

Step 1: Go to the Start menu and enter Windows update in the search area. Click on the option of Windows update appearing in the search results. It is important for one to enable the Windows update or else the automatic driver download is not going to work in a proper manner.

Step 2: Now, to install a wireless adapter without a CD, click on the link of change settings that is present at the left side of the window of Windows Update. Select the option of installing the updates automatically by going to the drop down menu under the section of important updates. After that, click on OK and shut the window of Windows update.

Step 3: After that, to install a wireless adapter without a CD, go to the Start menu and select the option of “Devices and Printers.” Now, go to the computer icon and then right click on it. After that, choose the device installation settings.

Step 4: Click to select, “Yes, do this automatically” for enabling the Windows to download the driver software automatically for the installed hardwares. Now, select the button of save changes.

Step 5: Turn off your Laptop or computer system. Connect the network adapter to the USB port of your computer system. You can also connect it by sliding the adapter card into the card slot of your personal computer placed at the rear of your laptop.

Step 6: Turn your computer back on again and enable the operating system to load properly. A new message window will pop up stating that a new hardware has been found. A few seconds later, a new message will show up stating that the new hardware’s device drivers have been installed.

If it asks you to locate the drivers for your network adaptor, then enable Windows to install and download the device drivers automatically. Follow the directions that are displayed on the screen for installing and downloading the drivers for your wireless adapters. Start your computer system again and if it prompts, then complete the installation process.

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  •   October 31, 2022