How to know that how many devices is connected to your wireless router?

Hello guys, My wireless router is giving very slow speed. I tried to know why but couldn't find. Then I decided to check the list of devices connected to my wireless router but couldn't find. Can someone please help me know that how many Devices is connected to your wireless router. Drop your solutions as soon as possible.

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To know how many devices are connected to a wireless router, first, you have to know what is your wireless router IP address is.
How to get ip address of wireless router
Either you can look at the back side of the router you will get the router ip address for log in to router or you can check manually in wifi settings in your computer .


1) Ip address on router panel

Motorola Router IP Address

2) Manually check the ip address

  • right click on your wireless network name
  • open the properties
  • you’ll get the IP address of your wireless router

Wireless Network

  • As eq the ip address is mentioned is
  • open the browser type the ip address in the search bar and hit search .

Motorola IP Address

  • It will take you to the login page of router

  • login the wireless router using the username and password provided at the back side of wireless router .

Motorola Login Panel

  • Once you get into the wireless router page.
  • you’ll get the connected devices option there,
  • go to the connected devices and you can see there how many devices connected with your wireless router,

Motorola Multiple Devices

That’s how you can check the connected devices with your wireless router .

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How to know that how many devices is connected to your wireless router?

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