How to Login Motorola WR850Gv6 Router -

Do you know how to login Motorola WR850Gv6 router. and use of this ip Help me in this. I am facing some technical issue in this.
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Login Motorola WR850Gv6 Router -

Setup Motorola WR850Gv6 Login and Password

Step 1: You should have an active internet connection and you must be at home.

Step 2: Open any web browser and type IP address to login to the Motorola WR850Gv6 router.

Step 3: A page will open to login into the router where you will have the option to type a username and password default username is ADMIN and the default password is MOTOROLA.

Step 4: Now enter your username and password and press login and then you can log in to Motorola WR850Gv6 router and you can see your router control panel.

Step 5: Another thing to note is that if you forget the username and password of Motorola WR850Gv6 you can always reset it. ( which is explained how to reset in the last paragraph of this article.)

Change Motorola WR850Gv6 Default Login and Password

Since your wifi can cover a certain region so security can be very crucial and you should be opting to change your default username and password of Motorola WR850Gv6.

To secure your password use multiple character password, you can consider using lowercase as well as uppercase alphabets, numbers, and some special characters. But use a password that is easy to remember. To ensure its safety try changing your password from time to time.

Changing Motorola WR850Gv6 Default WiFi and Password and Enable Network Encryption

Though this does not concern your security, changing your default username can avoid confusion and you can make your wifi name more personalized.

Step 1: Open wireless from the menu.

Step 2: Check for the network name (SSID) which is your name for the Motorola WR850Gv6 router.

Step 3: Once you have changed your name for your network, you also have to enable your WPA2-PSK encryption which is the most secure encryption standard for a home network.

Step 4: Now you can enter your WiFi password which you will use to connect to different another device in your home but reminding you do not use a similar password which you use for Login Motorola WR850Gv6 Router,

Motorola WR850Gv6 Router Reset

Steps to reset Motorola WR850Gv6 router to Factory Default. For  resetting Motorola WR850Gv6 router you should follow these steps

Step 1: Switch on your  Motorola WR850Gv6 router.

Step 2: Search for the reset button on your router, some routers have holes in them others have buttons.

Step 3: If your router has a hole in it then try getting through a pin or paper clip and if your router has a button then simply press it and hold for 15 seconds till each and every light starts flashing.

Step 4: Your router will reboot itself and now your router is in factory default from you can start by Login Motorola WR850Gv6 Router.

Update Router Software in the Router and Activate  Automatic Updates

Motorola WR850Gv6 router sometimes has bugs and has different security risks so it's crucial that automatic firmware updates should have been turned on and current software should have been installed for your router.

To select for Automatic updates, Login Motorola WR850Gv6 Router and search for the automatic update section, and just press on it. But once in a while go and check if your software is up to date even though you have opted for automatic update.

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