How to Login to a Buffalo Router and Access the Setup Page?

Hello, Please let m know that how to login to a Buffalo router and access the setup page. I am facing some issue in accessing login in Buffalo Router.

Login to a Buffalo Router And Access The Setup Page:

Buffalo router is the most exciting and widely used router which works on the 2.4 GHz band and this router is developed by buffalo technology. An external power adapter is used for the power supply. Buffalo router has some unique features like Buffalo router support NAT and firewall protection.

Buffalo router comes with integrated 4 port switches and its data transfer rate is 108 Mbps. Buffalo router comes with three external antennas which is used to cover more network coverage. Buffalo router interface works on Ethernet 10 base –T technology and it supports RJ-45 connector type.

Though it is the wireless router so it’s setting is managed by it’s interface. To do setting first you have to login to the web interface of Buffalo router.

So in This Blog, We are Going to Explain Step by Step Guide to Login to a Buffalo Router and Access the Setup Page.

Buffalo router interface is a control panel for your router where all the settings are stored and changed. This means if you want to customize the setting for Buffalo router, you need to use this web interface. To make changes, you need to login to the web interface.

Requirement to Access Buffalo Router:

There are Following Requirements to Access Buffalo Router Which are:

  • First you are required buffalo router.
  • You are able to access the network with either through local area network or through wireless network.
  • Any installed web browser on your machine.

Here are Some Following Instructions To Login to a Buffalo Router And Access The Setup Page:

These are the following instructions which are required to connect with buffalo router’s interface for the configuration and diagnostic purpose:

Make Sure That You are Connected With the Buffalo Router:

To able to reach the web setup page of buffalo router, first it is the mandatory things that you are connected to its network and so start by connecting with the network either by using LAN cable or wireless network.

Note: one more things if you do not know your wireless password for your buffalo router, it is advised you to connect always with Ethernet cable which will not require password to connect with own network.

Open Your Web Browser and Go into

Then you need to open your installed web browser and type the router’s IP address in the address bar of the browser. The most common IP address of the router is and if that IP address does not work, you are authorized to search default buffalo router IP address list for your specific model.

Tips: since you are connected with buffalo router already, you can also use whats website to find the router model IP in very easy manner. Thereafter type the IP address in the address bar of the browser and press enter to proceed.

Enter your Username and Password for Your Buffalo Router:

In the username and password field box, you have to enter your current username and password then click on the enter button to proceed sign in the portal

Note: default login credentials for the buffalo router: If you are not very much sure with your username and password, you are required to for the default username and password and use those default username and password to reset them.

The credentials that are printed on the back of the router on the chit or label. With the help of default username and password, you can configure anything you want on the device.

Process to Configure Your Buffalo Router:

Once you have logged in to your buffalo router admin interface, you should be able to change any settings that are available. You should be very careful when you configure your router so that you do not break the network.

Tips: this is the most important tip to write down your current setting before changing anything so that you can revert in case of trouble.

What You have to Do When My Buffalo Router or Network Stop Working after the Configuration Page:

In case if you have made changes in your network setting by mistake which might cause to break your buffalo home network? You can always go back to zero by following hard reset operation. You should go with 30-30 hard reset tricks which is quite generic.

This is the last resort and if you are still facing problems in accessing the buffalo router admin interface page, you can always login to try and revert the setting which you have done earlier.

This has assumed that you have written all the settings with it’s original values at the safe place before performing changing operation. This is a detailed document on how to login to a buffalo router and access the setup page.

How to Login to a Buffalo Router and Access the Setup Page

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