How to Login to the Airrouter Airos

Hello, Please let me know that how to login to the AirRouter AirOS. I have no idea about that how to login, help me in this.

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Airos Login | Airos Default Password

If you are trying to Login to the AirRouter AirOS from a long time and unable to do so, then here is a short and simple answer for you.

Basic Outlines to Login to the AirRouter AirOS:

Quick steps to Airos login and change the network settings (username and password) for AirRouter AirOS Router:

Step 1. Start and launch your favorite browser on your system and enter the default IP address

Step 2. You will be redirected to the router's login page where you have to enter the default username (=ubnt) and password (=ubnt)

Step 3. Change the default login and password for AirRouter AirOS or you can simply reset it if you don’t remember.

Step 4. Change the default Wifi name (SSID) / Password of your AirRouter AirOS.

Further, continue reading the detailed instructions for complete guide to Login to the AirRouter AirOS router.

1. Visit the URL for AirOS Router

Firstly, you have to go to the internal or default IP address of your AirOS Router at Remember you should be connected to home wifi for opening the URL.

2. Login AirOS Router

Next, you will be redirected to the login page of your router. Here, simply enter the details like default username(ubnt) and airos default password (ubnt) to successfully login to AirOS

It might be the case that you have changed the default the username and password for your router but then you have forgotten. No need to get high as you can reset the AirRouter AirOS router by continuously pressing the reset button using a clip for about 15 seconds.

3. Reset AirOS Default Credentials

You might be familiar that the security of the router network is the foremost thing. So change the default login and password to a more personal and secure type.

Some tips for Choosing AirOS Router Password

  • Set a password that is complex and hard-to-guess for others especially intruders. But ensure that it should be easy for you to remember.
  • Try to keep it related to a personal thing so that you can never forget it during future logins as well.
  • The amount of protection for your router depends upon the password complexity. So make an effort to choose a password that protects your AirRouter AirOS router.
  • Set a password for your AirRouter AirOS router that can be remembered easily. Try to build up a strong hash password using special characters, numbers, greek and latin characters. You can take reference from this following example $freeTOunite0916.

4. Change Router's Default Wifi Name (SSID), Password and Allow Network Encryption-

Another small suggestion that is no way related to security is you can change the AirOS Default Wifi name or SSID. Set it to a known name so that every user is familiar and more obvious to the network they are connecting to. Steps to change network SSID are:

  • Search the Wireless option in the menu bar at the top of the page and simply click on it.
  • Find the Network Name (SSID) which is actually the wifi name of your AirRouter AirOS Router. Never use your name, home address or other personal information as the SSID name. While you can use funny wifi name like Mr.Paul&Princy, I’m cheating on my WiFi, FBI Surveillance Van #594, Lord of the Pings etc.
  • Once after you have finished setting the name for your network, you can quickly enable WPA2-PSK encryption for your AirRouter AirOS router. Make sure that you pick the strongest encryption standard available for home networks.
  • In the next step, enter the new WPA Pre-Shared Key or Wifi Password. This is the password which will be used to connect to your home wifi network. Try to keep it up to 16-20 characters long and never set the same password which you used for AirRouter AirOS router login.

Issues when you Login to the AirOS Router-

AirRouter AirOS Password is not working or incorrect. For most cases when users forget their router password, simply reset the router to its default settings.

The other way to reset the AirOS Router to its Default Settings is to press the reset button with a pin or something that gets through the tiny hole and continuously hold it for nearly 15 seconds. Press till the lights are flickering and your router then resets in no time.

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