How to Manually Assign a Static IP Address to Your PS4 in Router

Is there anyone who knows about how to manually assign a Static IP address to your PS4 in your router. I am facing some issues while doing this.
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Manually Assign a Static IP Address to Your PS4 in Your Router:

If you wish to get a NAT type 2 connection, then you must give a permanent IP address to your Play Station 4. When you assign an IP address, it makes sure that your console has an internal IP address even after you restart it.

Some routers enable you to assign the IP address manually. Therefore, you must check if such an option is available on your router. In case such manual assignments are not permitted, then you should set up a static IP address for your PS 4. 

How to Assign the Static IP Address Manually-

Search for the method to manually assign the IP address on your router. Not every router supports this feature. However, the process may vary based on the router model you are using.

If such a feature is permitted by your router, then you must give an IP address to your PS4 and you don't need to make any changes in the console. Your router will provide the internal IP address to your router which is the same as your static IP address.

In Case You are Using a Router, Which does not allow you to Set up a Static IP Address, Then Below Mentioned are the Steps that You need to Follow. 

Step 1: It is important for you to assign your current IP address to your PS4.

To search for this IP address, you must power on your console and then carry out the steps given below. 

  • Choose Settings from the PS4 menu. 
  • Now. go to Network
  • After that, choose the option of View Connection Status

  • Now, you will see your IP address in the list.

  • Enter the Mac address and IP address of your PS4.

  • You must select the IP address of your router as the default gateway. 

Step 2: Now, turn on your computer and permanently assign your PS4 the IP address, which was found in the first step.

Step 3: Once you are done assigning a particular IP address to your router. Check the connection of your PS4 and make sure it is working.

For testing the connection, carry out the steps below. 

  • Go to the PS4 menu and then select Settings. 
  • Now, choose Network
  • After that, choose the option of Test internet connection and wait for the test to run. 
  • Once your connection starts working properly, you will see "Internet Connection Successful"  

Step 4: When you forward ports on your router points, then all the traffic comes to a particular internal IP address. If you want to get a connection to NAT type 2, then below are the ports that you are going to forward to your PS4's IP address. 

  • UDP: 3478-3479
  • TCP: 3478-3480, 1935, 443, 80

Step 5: Once you are done assigning the IP address to your PS4 console and you forward the right one, then you must check the connection from your console

  • Go to the main menu of PS4 and then click on Settings. 
  • Choose Network
  • Test Internet connection. Now, wait for the test to run

It can be really difficult to solve a networking problem like this. Now, your connection type will change to NAT type 2. In case you don't see this connection, then check if you have entered the correct information.

Check that the Mac address and IP address are correctly written. If you are still facing a problem, then you must check if your network is properly set up or not. Make sure there is only one router on your network or else it will be hard to configure the network. 

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