How to Open Router Settings on Windows

Please let me know that how to open router settings on Windows. I am facing some issues in this. Help me.
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Open Router Settings on Windows

Accessing the router’s settings-related admin section can facilitate changing a range of parameters that can let you have complete control over your router. So, here is a quick guide showcasing the sequential process following which you can easily open router settings on Windows.   

1 - Deciphering Your Router’s IP Comes First 

Opening the router’s settings on Windows begins by searching for the Default Gateway IP. This can ideally be,, or

2 - The Next is to Find the Router’s Username and Password

This particular information can be retried from the router itself as the username and password both are visible at the bottom of the router. You can also look at the specific manufacturer’s website to find login-related credentials.

3 - Initializing the Process to Open Your Router’s Service Page 

Next, you just have to launch an updated internet browser followed by punching in the IP address in the address bar and hitting the “Enter” button.

4 - Furnishing the Login Credentials is the Next Successive Step

Enter the login credentials retrieved in the form of username and password which will drive you to see the router’s admin login Window.

Managing Router Settings Brings in Scope for Tweaking many Different Parameters

From renaming your network to blocking unwanted websites here is a host of settings-related parameters that you can change after you open router settings on Windows.

  1. Network renaming  
  2. Tweaking the Wi-Fi password
  3. The admin password can also be caused to change
  4. Setting up a guest network
  5. Blocking sites along with managing all connected devices
  6. Strengthening the router’s security 

Note: Today routers also come with the functionality of being operated remotely for which you can either check the router manual or you can look for documentation on the router’s official website.

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