How to Port Forward in Your Router for Starbound

Hello, Please let me know that how to port forward in your router for starbound. I am facing some issues with this. Help me.
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Port Forward in your Router for Starbound

Starbound is a popular action-oriented 2D game that includes elements like crossing obstacles, shooting objects, or climbing ladders. Starbound is a multiplayer game that can be modified to suit the style of the player.

This adventure-based game was originally developed by Chucklefish and includes gameplay elements like enemies, planets, world of warcraft, farm and sell crops, build buildings, and undergo story-based mission quests.

Features of Starbound

The prime feature of Starbound is to save the Universe by playing the protagonist of the game and exploring the Universe with your own spaceship.

There are three game modes in Starbound. These include:

  • Casual- Here the protagonist has no need to eat.
  • Survival- Here the protagonist has to eat in order to survive.
  • Hardcore- Here the protagonist has to undergo Permadeath.

In Starbound the protagonist can craft thousands of objects like buildings, furniture, or weapons.

Starbound is a 2D game that includes flat graphics and the game can travel from one platform to another.

Port Forwarding in Starbound

Port forwarding in Starbound is to establish a connection between you and the other players while playing the game online. In order to direct the gaming traffic to your Router, it is necessary to make some changes to the router level.

The benefit of Port forward in your Router for Starbound is that this enables the players to have a better gaming experience with faster data transfer from one platform to another.

Starbound is one of those games which can be played efficiently if the players can explore the different levels of the game by engaging their friends online. By Port forward in your Router for Starbound, you can make the network connection stable and play with your friends in real-time.

Few things that you need before Port forward in your Router for Starbound

  • Your network Router’s IP address.
  • Your gaming device’s IP address ( this can be either your personal computer or gaming console.
  • The forwarded TCP and UDP ports.

How to Find Out Your Network Router’s IP Address?

  • Go to the Windows search bar and search for the Command prompt option.
  • Type “ipconfig/all” in the Command Prompt option of Windows.
  • Locate your Router’s IP address next to the Default Gateway option.
  • You can also locate the Router’s IP address in the “Network Utilities” application.

Steps to Port Forward in Your Router for Starbound

You can set up forward ports in a few minutes by using Network Utilities. This will keep your Network ports secure and help in quick data transfer between different levels.

  • Open any web browser on your Personal computer and log in to the Router by using your Router’s IP address.
  • Go to the Port forwarding section of your Network Router.
  • Enter the IP address of your gaming console, TCP, and UDP ports in the empty boxes of your Router.
  • Reboot your Router after saving the changes and your Router will Port forward for Starbound.
  • List of connection ports for Starbound
  • PC
  • Xbox One
  • Steam
  • Playstation 4

Internet Protocol Suite for TCP and UDP Port Numbers in Starbound:


  • TCP- 21025, 27025,27036,27037
  • UDP- 4380, 27036,27000

Xbox One

  • TCP- 3074
  • UDP- 88, 500, 3074,4500

Playstation 4

  • TCP-1935, 3475, 3580
  • UDP- 3478, 3479, 3074


  • TCP- 2025,27015, 27036, 27037
  • UDP- 27000, 27031,27036
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