How To Port Forward Minecraft

I am facing some issues while port forward Minecraft. I have no idea how to do that, If you know something about then help me.
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Port Forward Minecraft:

Gaming activities have always been a major entertainment factor for any age group. Games are a mind refreshing task. Being in the digital world video games or any electronic games are a pretty large amusement element. Many video games are out there, which are interactive and fun to play. One such video game is mine craft.

This video game demands the player to make or break different blocks in three-dimensional worlds. These games comprise two dominant modes that are survival and creative. In the survival mode, it requires the players to find their building for survival and food supplies. It has interactions with blocks like mobs and creatures.

Why Port Forward Minecraft?

Now to Port Forward Minecraft can be messy and tricky. But to play Minecraft, one has to forward ports in their routers. It is required because doing so will make your network stable, smooth, and faster.

Although routers are designed not to avail any incoming network request but to gain a better gaming experience, you should know how to port forward.

What do You Need to Do Before Forwarding a Port?

  • You need your router's IP address
  • Your gaming machine's IP address
  • Several TCP and UDP ports that you want to forward.

Some Ports that Minecraft Require are :

  • Minecraft X-Box 360 – TCP: 3074 / UDP : 88,37
  • Minecraft PlayStation 3 – TCP : 3478 -3480 , 5223, 8080 / UDP: 3074, 3478-3479, 3685
  • Minecraft X-Box 1 – TCP : 3074 / UDP : 88, 500, 3074, 3544, 4500, 1935, 3478, 3480
  • Minecraft – PlayStation 4 - TCP : 1935, 3478- 3480 / UDP: 3074, 3478 - 3479, 19132 – 19133
  • Minecraft PC - TCP : 25565 / UDP : 19132- 19133, 25565
  • Minecraft Switch - TCP : 6667, 124000, 289109, 29900, 29901, 29920 / UDP : 1-65535

If you find it difficult to locate your router's IP address, then you can simply run your router detector utility. It’s a part of the network utility tools.

The General Process to Forward a Port in Minecraft:

  • Log in to your router
  • Now go to the router forward section
  • Type in the IP address of your computer or the gaming console
  • Put in the TCP and UDP ports for your game according to your matching box in the router
  • Now reboot your router and the changes made will be available.

The beginning of this game took place in the year 2011. Mojang published and released it, Microsoft Studios. It’s a survival and adventure electronic game. One of the major features of this game while setting up is that the server at your home is hidden away from the internet by your router.

For any other connections to get invited, whether your family and friends, then you have to set up a port in your router to get those connections.


A lot of video game players have a lot of collections. Playing video games is a fun activity many do that. More and more new games have paved their way in the market according to their availability and features. Every gamer has a different choice and selection. One can find many electronic games easily nowadays, as it is readily available.

Minecraft is one of the best choices if fun, amusement, and great stress relieving is your preference. Though it might not attract a certain age of people, it is very engaging. It is compacted with many gaming features. So if you’re looking for an amazing time pass task, then Minecraft can surely be one of your choices.

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