How to Prevent WiFi Jamming: 5 Tips to Stay Protected

Please let me know how to prevent wifi jamming: 5 Tips to Stay Protected. Help me.
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Prevent WiFi Jamming: 5 Tips to Stay Protected:

Wi-Fi jamming is an undesirable practice that is increasingly witnessed these days with devices paired with your Wi-Fi. This is ideally carried out either by the transmission of strong frequencies in the form of a de-authentication attack or with the help of physical Wi-Fi jammers eventually triggering a heated debate about deciphering ways to prevent Wi-Fi jamming. 

In this context, this unique guide is available that aims to prescribe a few ways that not just tell about the possible sources or reasons for Wi-Fi jamming but also suggest simple do-it-yourself tricks to deal with the same. 

1 - Using an Ethernet Cable as a Deterrent against WiFi Jammers

Wi-Fi jamming practice becomes more forceful especially when you use a wireless internet connection and inadvertently provides a leeway to the Wi-Fi jammers to transmit powerful frequencies and jam your Wi-Fi. 

Thus, to prevent Wi-Fi jamming and ensure that you have a seamless internet connection you are required here to use an Ethernet cable to connect to the Wi-Fi and other devices like security cameras, doorbells, etc.

2 - Storing the Feed on Local Storage 

This trick is absolutely not a direct means to prevent Wi-Fi jamming rather it provides a compensating measure to withstand any ill effect of Wi-Fi jamming. When you are using smart devices like security cameras or doorbells you must store their feed on a localized media supported by wired connections that will probably help you ensure continuity to your businesses even if your office is attacked by de-authentication codes of Wi-Fi jammers.

3 - Resetting Your Internet Connection might also Help

If you are venturing out to prevent Wi-Fi jamming then you can also try resetting your internet connection as the de-authentication attempt by the Wi-Fi jammers may have existed for one single time and might be easily fixed if the device is caused to reset thereby making the device reset initiative a proper response to prevent Wi-Fi jamming.

4 - Using the Wireshark Software to Classify the Details of the De-authentication Attack

For people who are interested in figuring out the minutest detail of a Wi-Fi jamming attack, the Wireshark Software is yet another way to prevent Wi-Fi jamming as it helps lay down every relevant detail of the de-authentication attack ultimately making you not just informed and aware of the Wi-Fi jamming attack but also providing you the key input to take the action against the wrong-doers.

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