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How to Reset Xfinity Remote?

Please let me know how to reset Xfinity remote. I have bought a new router. It's working good but now facing some issues. Now want to reset but don't know about it. Help me.
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You could decide it's time to purchase a new remote if you've noticed that a few buttons on the Reset Xfinity Remote still need to be fixed, you're having trouble pairing the remote with the TV, or even the remote is completely inoperative.

Push the Setup button until the LED on top of the remote turns red to green, then press 9-8-1 to reset the Xfinity remote. When the remote has also been reset, the LED will blink twice in a neat manner.

A factory reset essentially resets the remote to its default settings as if you just brought it out of the box, wiping clean any pairings and settings you have made.

Before Reset Xfinity Remote-

Please ensure the batteries are in excellent condition and the remote doesn't seem to have any evident physical damage that would prevent it from working before resetting it.

You can see if the battery is functioning by clicking a few buttons and seeing the LED light.

If the LED doesn't light up when you press the buttons, you should check the batteries first. You can try performing a factory reset if it doesn't solve the problem and the device doesn't appear damaged.

What is a Factory Reset on an Xfinity Remote?

If you've determined that a reset is the best course of action, you undoubtedly have the following question: "How do I reset my Xfinity remote?" The procedure is quite straightforward.

The Xfinity remote comes in various variants, from the voice-activated XR11 or XR15 to the earlier XR1, XR2, and XR5 devices.

Finding out which remote you have is the first stage in the factory reset procedure since the reset procedure varies based on the remote you are resetting.

Xfinity XR11, XR5, or XR2 Remote Reset

The reset procedure is similar for the XR11, XR5, and XR2 and involves the same four steps.

Finding the setup button is the first thing you must do. Depending on what type of remote, the button's location may vary slightly. However, all remotes should include the word "Setup" directly beneath the button.

Once you've found the setup button, you need to hold it down while keeping an eye on the remote's front-facing LED light. Keep pressing the button until the red LED light turns green. Press the button once the light has turned green.

Then, while keeping an eye on the LED light, you will enter the code 9-8-1. If the green light flashes twice, you were successful in resetting your Xfinity remote.

After completely resetting your devices, you will need to pair your devices with your Xfinity remote. The same methods you used to pair the remote when you first bought it should be followed again.


You now understand how to reset the Xfinity remote. You should be all set and prepared to resume enjoying your favourite films and television shows after doing a factory reset and pairing your devices once more. Your remote may need to be replaced if you discover that it is still not operating correctly despite performing a factory reset.

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