How to Secure the Powerline Network

Hello, Please let me know that how to secure the Powerline Network. I have no idea about that. Help me.
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Here are the steps to guide you on how to secure the Powerline Network.

Method 1 : Secure the Powerline Network through Pair Button ( PLC Device doesn't need to Connect a Computer Through This Procedure)

Step 1 : Press and hold the Pair button of Powerline adapter A. (there’s nothing specific, you just have to name one of your powerline adapters as A and another as B).

Step 2 : The Power LED will blink for 1 second. Now Press and hold the Pair button of Powerline adapter B in 2 minutes.

Step 3 : The Power LED will blink for 1 second. 1 minute later,  the Powerline LED on both adapters will light up.

Step 4 : Press the pair button on one of the existing networks for more adapters.

Step 5 : Now press the pair button of the adapter which you want to add to the existing network.

Step 6 : And just like above, you can add more of them one by one.


  •  1. For TL-PA201/TL-PA211 V1/TL-PA210 V1/TL-PA251 V1, you need hold the Pair button 3-8 seconds to begin the pairing procedure.
  • 2. If you have tried several times but failed, please press the pair button and hold it more than.

Step 9 : seconds to leave the network and then try to pair again.

Method 2 : Secure the Powerline Network through Utility

Step 1 : You need to insert the CD first. Next, install the powerline utility.

Step 2 : Link your computer system directly to your adapter. Go to the utility and then to the status page.

Step 3 : Enter your network name and then click on the apply button to save it. (make sure the network name should be of more than 4 letters).

Step 4 : Now again link your computer system to another adapter and then repeat the above steps.

Step 5 : Make sure that the network name should be same while connecting another adapter as well so that all the adapters should be on the same secure network.

A Powerline network is essentially a wired network with (principally) hidden wires. The powerline solution is basically no wired access. A powerline kit consists of two Powerline adapters and two short Ethernet cables. You have to attach one of the Ethernet cables to your router and to the first of the adapters.

Then you plug it into the nearest power socket. You click the second Ethernet cable into the back of the HD TV and into the second adapter. You plug the second adapter into the nearest power socket.

Then the adapters auto-detect each other (no operators, no long configuration process) and auto-connect, allowing data packets to whizz from router to TV, moving along the Ethernet cable, into the first adapter, across the electrical wiring in the walls, out into the second adapter and into the TV.

Powerline is a bridging technology, usually helpful for extending the reach of a home network to places where your wireless coverage is weak, or where you need the fastest connection desirable − a games console, perhaps, or an Apple TV.

It's also excellent for connecting your old devices to the Internet that don't have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, avoiding cluttering up your living room with a tangle of Ethernet cables. Powerline is a neat and effective networking solution. Powerline technology is arguably more secure than a wireless network too.

We hope the above article helped you to secure the Powerline Network.

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