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How to Set Up Draytek Vigorap 920r Router?

Hello, Please let me know how to set up Draytek Vigorap 920r Router? I am facing some issues while setting up Draytek Vigorap 920r Router. I tried many times but unavailable to set up Draytek Vigorap 920r Router. So can anyone have any idea?

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Set Up Draytek Vigorap 920r Router

DrayTek VigorAP 920R router has been created to satisfy the needs of the wireless networks in hazardous as well as rugged areas. Vigor AP 920R has been manufactured by using top-grade industrial components and so it has a waterproof build.

Having a waterproof finishing, the router device remains undamaged in tough environmental conditions such as snow, rain and wind. Concurrently, it has many incredible attributes, which makes it high-performing, secure, reliable, and seamless router device. Key features of this router device is stated out below. 

  • Remains unharmed in different weather conditions. 
  • Provides backing to 128 Wi-Fi clients. 
  • APM and ACS2 compliant
  • Offers Gigabit Ethernet support with 802.3az
  • Waterproof and robust case
  • Compliance with 1EEE 802.11ac
  • High Power upto 25dBm
  • Bandwidth management
  • Fast roaming 
  • P2P upto 3KM
  • IP 67

Now, that we know about the amazing features of this access point, let us now discuss how to set up DrayTek Vigorap 920R router. 

How Can One Set Up DrayTek Vigorap 920R Router?

In order to do the installation of the driver, you need an ethernet wire to take off the cover from the LAN port and then take one end of the Ethernet wire and connect it to the Ethernet port and the other one to the PoE switch or PoE adapter.

Please add each cover of the cable i.e. seal, body, washer, sealing nut and clamping nut for ensuring the integrity of your device and then screw them in one position.

If there is any other device that you wish to connect any other device like a camera, then you will have to repeat the entire process again. For powering up your access point, you will have to connect it to the POE adapter.

Take another cable and connect it to the ethernet port as well as to the router. You can also have access of the interface in order to configure your router device. You can either use the other port for connecting to a computer. 

After that, you need to start looking for a proper place where you can place your router and take out the mounting kit from your box. After opening the kit, you will discover that it has two portions. Take out the screws for detaching the two parts and then place the mounting plate at the back of your router device.

After that, put the remaining mounting kit to the pole to make use of the screws of U-Bolt. After that, you need to reattach the parts using the 4 screws.In order to keep the device secure by taking the grounding cable and then link it to a grounding rod.

In order to check the wireless performance of the router device, you need to use two devices. You can take one laptop and a computer or two laptops. The choice is yours. You can perform the first test indoors at different places inside the house.

The average speed that you are going to get by keeping the access point 5 feet away is 323 mbps. If you are 15 feet away, then you will get a speed of 276 mbps. If you keep it 30 feet away, then you will get a speed of 160 mbps. 

So, these are all the steps that you need to carry out in order to Setup DrayTek Vigorap 920R router. 

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