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How to Set Up Setek Wi-Fi Extender?

Please let me know how to set up Setek wifi extender. I bought this router before sometimes. But now trying to setup it, but it's not working. Help me.
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Your Setek WiFi Repeater can be set up using WPS or a web browser. You can set up a Setek WiFi Extender in one of two ways. Let's begin Set Up Setek Wi-Fi Extender:

Configure Setek WiFi Extender Using WPS

To Set Up Setek Wi-Fi Extender using WPS, follow these steps:

Turn the Extender On

Wait a short while for the power light to come on after plugging your extension into a functional wall outlet close to your router.

Toggle the WPS Buttons

On your router, find the WPS button. Press and hold it there for a few seconds. Next, briefly press and then release the WPS button on your Setek WiFi Extender.

Your Router is Connected to the Extender

Wait approximately 30 seconds after pushing the WPS button on your devices for the extension to resume. Your extension is linked to your router if the indicator light turns off and comes back on.

Position the Extender in the Best Possible Way

Your extension has to be placed in a suitable area now that the configuration is complete. It needs to be situated halfway between your router and the location with a weak WiFi connection. Remember that everywhere you decide to go must be within your WiFi network's coverage area.

How to Use a Web Browser to Configure a Setek WiFi Extender

As previously said, try this method if you cannot connect your extender via the WPS procedure. This approach allows you to configure your Setek WiFi extender using a computer or even a cellphone.

Following that, follow these instructions to configure your Setek WiFi Extender using a web browser:

Turn the Extender On

Wait for the power light to turn on after you plug the device into a wall outlet close to your wireless router.

Join the WiFi Network of the Extender

Using your phone or computer, find the WiFi network for the device and connect to it. This ought to be included among your wireless networks. Beware of "SETEK"

Register on the Management Page

The management interface needs to appear immediately if the extension is linked for the first time. Open your web browser on your phone or laptop and type into the address bar if that doesn't appear automatically. You can choose between Mozilla Firefox as well as Google Chrome browsers.

Put the Password In

You must enter your password to login on to the following page that loads. Click login after typing the admin password as the default. After that, it will look for WiFi communication, so you may select one.

To Extend a WiFi Network, Choose it

Select the WiFi network you want to expand, then enter the password in the corresponding field. Your current WiFi network password should be used as the password. Click the Connect button after that.

The extender's default name (SSID) is your current WiFi network name only with the prefix "-plus" added.


Setek Extender has a maximum extension of 2500 SQ FT. However, several factors, such as the walls between your router and the extender, will determine how far you should plug it in.

However, a green light on the WiFi signal (on the device) indicates that the gadget is in the correct position as long as you get one. Find the WPS/Reset button on your Setek WiFi Extender, then hit it for approximately 10 seconds to reset the device. When the extender has been reset, this will reboot.

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