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How to Setup Amped Wireless Range Extender?

Is there anyone who knows about how to setup Amped wireless range extender. I am facing some issues while setup it. Help me.
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Set Up Amped Wireless Range Extender:

One of the crucial tasks while establishing an Amped wireless range extender for the first time is logging in and establishing the security parameters. While several models of Amped extenders are on the market, all of them require the same basic setup and login procedures. 

The methods are necessary to set up amped wireless range extender and configure its settings for the first time are described in detail within the blog post.

The Setup of an Amplified Extender is Simple

An amplified wireless range extender arrangement can increase a wireless router's range. One can type setup.ampedwireless.com into their browser to set up an Amped extender. Whenever a user's device is linked to the Amped extender, the web URL directs you to the login page. After you've finished the login procedures, you can extend your home network and configure the parameters for using an extended wireless network.

You'll require your current router's SSID, passkey, a wireless device like a laptop or mobile phone, and the SSID while password for the amped default network to set up an extended network utilizing the amped device. Once everything is prepared, you can start setting up your Amped wireless range extender by visiting www.setup.amped wireless.com. For amplified extender configuration, follow these procedures.

The Connection Between the PC and Amped Extender

The amplified gadget must first be plugged into a power source. When you notice a steady power light, connect your computer to the extender's default wireless network. Your Amped wireless device might have the factory-set SSID and passkey printed someplace.

Step 1: Using the website setup.ampedwireless.com to access an Amped wireless extender

Step 2: Utilize an updated version of your preferred web browser.

Step 3: Enter the web address setup.ampedwireless.com within the URL field (not the search bar) in the web browser.

Utilize the IP Address to View The Amped Extender Login Page

Step 1: Enter the username and password for your Amped extender. Your screen will show the amplified extender setup dashboard once you have entered the correct information.

Step 2: Gaining access to the Amped extender dashboard and expanding the network of your router

Step 3: The first thing you should do if you enter the Amped wifi extender's dashboard is select the 'Scan Now' option to get a list of networks that can be expanded.

Step 4: With your Amped wireless extender selected, enter the wireless passkey for the network you want to expand.

Step 5: You were then prompted to set up the extended network's wireless settings. If you'd like to maintain the settings from your wireless router, you can skip this step.

Step 6: If not, insert new data for the Amped wireless extended network's SSID and a passkey. Finally, select "Save" from the menu.

By following these steps, you may set up an Amped extender using the web address http://setup.ampedwireless.com. Call our professionals immediately if you need help setting up your Amped wireless extender. Our staff is reachable at our toll-free line around-the-clock.

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