How to Setup Belong Modem

I have no idea how to setup Belong modem with TPG. I have also googled on the internet to find out the setup procedure for Belong modem but didn’t find anything useful. Can anyone guide me how to setup Belong modem in the easiest way? Thanks in Advance!

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For getting started to setup Belong Modem you need to verify the received activation SMS and check all connecting items like telephone line, Belong Modem, power adapter,filter and ethernet cable.

Then plug in the power adapter into the power switch and plug its other end into the modem's backside.

Turn on the power point and modem and connect one end to phone cable and the other end into socket labeled as DSL. Connect the fiber cable to the phone socket and after a few minutes you will see the DSL and internet light of your Belong Modem is lighting green and now you are ready to connect your device to the internet.

Finally you get connected with Wifi or ethernet. Hence you have completed the Belong Modem setup.

Go Through this Procedure to Setup Belong Modem:

Getting Started

a. Verify you have received an activation SMS. If you have not received activation SMS then wait for a few moments until you received it.

b.Check all connecting items, such as power adapter, ethernet cable, telephone line, filter, Belong modem.

Plug it in

1. First of all plug the power adapter into power switch and plug its another end into the modem’s backside.

2. After this, turn on power point and also turn on the modem. Now, connect one end of phone cable into filter socket labeled as ADSL and then plug its another end into the socket labeled as DSL.

3. Connect the fiber cable to the phone socket.

4. After a couple of minutes, you will see DSL light and Internet light of your Belong modem is lighting as green. Once DSL light and internet light turns solid green, just be ready to connect your devices to the internet.

You can connect to internet by using ethernet cable or WiFi.

Get Connected

WiFi – For connecting to WiFi, first choose the name of the network that is printed on WiFi information card. Now you are prompted to a page where you have to enter the wireless network key. You can easily connect your smartphones, tablets, laptops through this method.

Ethernet – For connecting through the ethernet cable, connect one end of the ethernet cable into the socket that is present on the backside of the modem. (They are labeled as LAN).

After this, plug another end of the ethernet cable into computers network socket. When the ethernet light of Belong modem turns solid green, you should understand your system is connected to Belong modem.

Now, you have successfully completed the Belong modem setup. If any difficulty arises while setting up Belong modem then leave a message here, I will feel glad to help you.

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