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How to Setup Iinet Email in Outlook?

After upgrading Outlook, it is not connecting with iiNet using POP /IMAP. I also used default IMAP settings but still, iiNet account is not connecting to Outlook. Guide me how to setup iiNet email address in Microsoft Outlook 2007 in the simplest way?

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iiNet Email Settings -

To setup iiNet email in Outlook, just have a look at these points -

1. First of all, open Outlook. To add iiNet email account in Outlook, go to top menu and tap on Tools. After this, click on Account option> Email Account icon.

2. Now, you are redirected to a window where you have to enter email information. Along with email address, you have to enter these things in the required position -

a. Enter your name

b. Enter your full email address

c. Choose POP 3/ IMAP.

d. In the incoming mail server field, type “mail.example.com”.

e. In the outgoing mail server field, type “mail.example.com”. To escape from common authentication issues with Outlook, use SSL and port 465 for SMTP connections.

f. In the username field box, enter your full email address.

g.In the Password field, enter your email password.

3. After entering details, you have to configure Outgoing Server Settings. Tap on More Options button. Next, choose “Incoming Mail Server Info”. For SMTP connections, use SSL and port 465. After this, save the settings.

Configure Outlook - Open Outlook and then tap on File> Add Account.

After this, type your iiNet email address and password. Now Outlook will automatically configure your iiNet account.

Manually Configure Outlook -

  • Open Outlook and then tap on File >Add account.
  • After this, press a click on radio box that is next to “Manually configure Server Settings”.

  • Move to next screen and press a click on radio box that is next to “Internode email”.

  • Now, you are redirected to a window where you have to enter same details that are described above (in point 2)

  • Next, tap on “More Settings” button.
  • Go ahead and click on Outgoing Server tab. Press a click on the checkbox that is next to “My Outgoing Server requires authentication”.
  • Tap on “Test Account Settings” button and you will see all items with a checkmark. Now, close the test window.

At last, save the settings and close the setup wizard. Now you have finished the setup of iiNet email account.

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