How to Setup NBN Modem?

I have purchased NBN FTTN modem from iiNet. But guys the problem is I am not aware what are basic requirements to set up NBN modem. Please help me!

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Check out this process to set up NBN FTTN modem - First of all, verify that your NBN box is online, if it is offline then contact NBN to configure your box.

Lets’ begin the main process -

1.Take a power cable and connect it to modem and then to power socket. After this, plug your home phone into the modem's "Phone 1" port. Now, take an  ethernet cable and connect its one end to the NBN box’s LAN port. Plug another end of ethernet cable to the router’s WAN port. (as shown in figure).

how to setup nbn modem

2.After connecting NBN modem to router, power on your router and wait until its WIFi LED turns blue.

how to setup nbn modem

3.Now, connect your system to the router by using the ethernet cable or through wirelessly.

4.Open Mozilla Firefox and follow on-screen instructions to configure your router.

If you want to connect to WiFi network - Check the SSID and network key of your modem. After this, search for the network and when it appears just connect to it by entering WLAN key.

You are all done!

If the internet is not working then contact NBN Technical Support team.

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How to Setup NBN Modem?

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