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How to Setup NEXTBOX WiFi Extender?

Please let me know about how to setup NEXTBOX WiFi Extender. I have no idea about this. Help me.
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NEXTBOX WiFi Extender Setup:

Netbox WiFi extenders are simple to install. By changing the WiFi network's title and requiring a related link, NEXTBOX WiFi Extender Setup enables users to extend the WiFi network coverage. Open a browser or type re.

Enter the website address nextbox.home into your browser's address bar to set up the Nextbox WiFi. Your Nextbox WiFi extender could also be configured using the WPS button. All wireless routers are suitable only with the Nextbox WiFi range extender.

Simple Instructions For Setting Up Nextbox WiFi Range Extension With the WPS Button

The WPS button has been the simplest way to set up a WiFi range extender if the home network enables it. To configure the Nextbox WiFi range extender using the WPS button approach, adhere to the steps listed below:

  • It would help if you first opened the Nextbox WiFi range extender and setup by plugging it into a wall outlet close to the house router.
  • After that, find the WPS button here on the router and push it. For two seconds, press and hold the WPS button.
  • Following two seconds after pushing the WPS button here on the router, press and hold the WPS button here on the Nextbox WiFi range extender.
  • After linking it to your router, please wait for the Nextbox extender's LED lights to turn on.
  • Finally, check the network SSID of the extender in the WiFi settings of the mobile or desktop device. It would help if you used the previous WiFi password to link to an extended SSID.
  • Unplug the Nextbox WiFi extender and plug it in a different position after linking it to the current WiFi network.

Short Instructions For Configuring Nextbox WiFi Extender on a Web Browser

Setting up a WiFi extender using a web browser takes a while. You must use a USB cable to link your extender device to a laptop or PC. Follow the instructions listed below to configure the Nextbox WiFi extender using a web browser:

  • The Nextbox WiFi extender should be plugged in and turned on close to the home router.
  • After that, link to the Nextbox 5X ext network by going to the WiFi settings on your smartphone or computer.
  • Connect your Nextbox WiFi extender to the computer or laptop using a LAN connection.
  • Launch the PC's favourite web browser now, and type re. nextbox.home into the address bar, and afterwards, hit the enter key.

Before logging in for the first time, you should set the extender's administrator login. Set a password for your administrator login, choose repeater mode as operational, and afterwards select the next option to continue.

The WiFi extender from Nextbox is now searching for nearby WiFi networks. It would help if you chose the WiFi network name you want to extend from the list. To establish a connection, provide your current WiFi password afterwards.

You can then verify the WiFi network settings by clicking the advance button. Eventually, a confirmation message reading "Wireless network successfully expanded" will appear on your screen.

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