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How to Setup Ooma Voicemail System?

I am facing some issue in setup Ooma voicemail system. If you have any idea about that then give me. It will be helpfull to me.
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Setup Ooma Voicemail System -

It doesn't mean having to move through a network of numerical options to use your voicemail. It shouldn't have to be with Ooma! You must have the flexibility to choose your Ooma Telo Base Station user interface to control your voicemail.

When you are at home and the option to use online or phone-based navigation for your My Ooma account while you are on the go. Follow the guidelines to set up an Ooma voicemail system.

How am I Supposed to Know if I have a New Voicemail?

If you have a new voicemail, you'll know many ways:

  • The Play button will blink orange on your Ooma screen.
  • A blue light on the top of the phone can flash blue when you have an Ooma HD2 or HD3 handset.
  • When you log into My Ooma, you will see a notification on your dashboard.

Premier: Subscribers of Ooma Premier who have configured voicemail forwarding will receive an email or text message alerting them to a new email.

Setting Your Voicemail

You can access the initial voicemail set up by making a phone call and clicking the replay button on your Ooma computer. Setting up your PIN (for network users), recording your name, and recording a greeting will lead you through the initial setup process. The entire process is just meant to take you a few minutes.

Cab changes these settings by connecting to your voicemail and pressing '2' from the main voicemail menu.

Access Your Voicemail:

Ooma provides a quick way for you to search for your voicemail, no matter where you are. Wherever you are, it all depends on what is best for you. In a variety of different ways, you can set up an Ooma voicemail system:

From Home:

    • To hear your messages being played through the built-in speaker, click the play button on your Ooma Telo Base Station.
    • Pick up your handset and dial your phone number to listen to your messages on your phone.
    • Pick up the handset Ooma HD2 or HD3 and click the soft toolkit to the Voicemail option.

From Anywhere:

  • Dial your Ooma number from any phone and press * to reach the voicemail search bar when your voicemail picks up.
  • Important: Only after you have gone via the voicemail setup process can you access your voicemail settings in this way.
  • Sign in to your My Ooma account online and use your Dashboard's Calls and Messages widget.
  • To reach your mailbox, log into your My Ooma account online and visit the Voicemail page.
  • Premier: Using our voicemail forwarding feature from your email box.

How Can you Disable Your Ooma Voicemail?

For some reason, you may want to disable your phone service's voicemail function. Fortunately, it is not an official function made by the company, but users will be asking for it most of the time.

There are a few right solutions that we have put up with it to work on just this topic and ensure that people don't leave voicemails for you.

Option 1: Drop a recording saying anything like, "Hey, Right now, I'm not home, please call again at the time." When done, don't pick up the phone but instead leave 1-2 minutes of your personal greeting recording.

Option 2: Set 1 min or more for your voicemail pickup time. If you're doing it calling other people, you keep hanging up before your voicemail even picks it up.

Option 3: You could try a combination of option one and option two if you are tired of having voicemails. The possibilities would be incredibly poor for you ever to get a voicemail.

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