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How to Setup Opticover N300 Wireless N Ap Router?

Let me know that how to setup the Opticover N300 wireless N AP router. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.
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Setup Opticover N300 Wireless N Ap Router:

WiFi extenders are very useful in extending the network to places where the optimum network is difficult to reach. You can use an extender to optimize your network coverage. The Opticover N300 Wireless N Ap Router through its WPS button can meet the needs of a repeater, AP Mode, and Router Mode. Through the router, you can connect many devices without any hassle. 

The Opticover router provides the encrypted network with a 2.4 GHz frequency band. It will support of speed of around 300 Mbps which is quite fast. 

To Setup Opticover N300 Wireless N Ap Router there isn’t much hassle that’s required. Few easy steps can enable you to set up your router and get going with it. 

There are two methods that you can follow to Setup Opticover N300 Wireless N Ap Router.

1. Opticover WiFi Extender Setup Using Web Browser:

Web browser can help you configure your router and start with it. Follow the steps in order to set up the router. 

Step 1: Plug the Opticover Router into the wall socket. Make sure you put it near the router for initial pairing to be smooth. 

Step 2: Turn it on and wait until the LED light has lit up. 

Step 3: Another way to connect the extender is through the computer using an ethernet cable. 

Step 4: But in case you are using the ethernet cable make sure no other ethernet cable is in use

Step 5: If you are using a Laptop the click on the internet option and select the Opticover device from the list that has all the wireless devices under it. 

Step 6: Click on connect button and wait for the router to establish a connection. 

Step 7: Open your web browser and enter the router IP in the address bar to access its web interface. 

Step 8: Enter the default user ID and password. 

Step 9: Select your Wifi’s SSID and enter the wifi password. 

Step 10: Click the next button as prompted on the screen. 

Step 11: Once the above steps are done, check the RE LED as it should become solid indicating that you have Setup Opticover N300 Wireless N Ap Router.

Another way if other than the Web browser is through the WPS button.

2. Opticover WiFi Extender Setup Using WPS Button:

Follow the steps given down below to Setup Opticover N300 Wireless N Ap Router using the WPS button on the router. 

Step 1: Plug the extender into the electric socket. 

Step 2: Find the WPS button on the wifi and give it a long press. 

Step 3: Right after pressing the WPS button, press the power button of the extender. 

Step 4: You will see the light blinking on the router. 

Step 5: Wait until both the lights on the router and on the extender stop blinking and turn solid. 

Step 6: The solid light indicates that the connection has been established. 

Step 7: Once the connection is secure and established, you can move the router around the house anywhere. 

Follow any of the methods to Setup Opticover N300 Wireless N Ap Router over a wireless network.

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