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How to Setup SETEK WiFi Extender via WPS?

Hello, Please let me know that how to setup SETEK wifi extender via wps. I am facing some issue in this setek router in connecting. Help me.
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Setup SETEK WiFi Extender via WPS:

SETEK Extender Setup is very simple and it gives an ultra-fast connection in your homes, offices or business places. It enormously increases the Internet speed in non-networked areas. In this case you have to click and keep press WPS on your working router and repeat the same process on your SETEK ultra wifi range extender.

Steps to Setup SeTek WiFi Extender via WPS

  • Connect your Extender in the same room as your router, this will help for faster connection via WPS.
  • Now wait till you have a solid green light on the extender.
  • Now click and keep the WPS on the SeTek extender for at least for 2 seconds, repeat the same process on your router.
  • Now you will find that flashing WPS light both on your extender and router. It hardly takes 10-15 seconds for the extender to get connected with the router.
  • When connected the WPS light on the SeTek ultra wifi range extender will change to solid green.
  • You can now connect your extender and place it at the location where you want to install.

Instruction to Setup SeTek WiFi Extender via

Step 1: You can connect the extender close or even away from the router when doing web-based setup via

Step 2: Once you have a solid green light on the power you can go ahead for the Setup.

Step 3: Grab any of your wireless devices like iphone, Mac, laptop etc any open settings and go to WiFi settings.

Step 4: From your WiFi list, you will see your Setek Wireless Network showing up as ‘WIRELESS N’ Network92.

Step 5: Tap and get connected to WIRELESS N, it will display as an unsecured network.

Step 6: Now this will open a browser on the same device and in the address bar type which will take you to setek extender setup.

Step 7: Go with the on-screen guidelines and after that it will scan the networks.

Step 8: Now you will find all the available networks, you will have to select the main WiFi Network that you want to extend.

Step 9: Enter the password for the network that you have selected.

Step 10: When SeTek extender setup is done the WiFi light on the extender will change to solid green.

Step 11: Now you can turn off it and place it within the reach of your router.

Step 12: It takes about 60 seconds for the extender to power up properly.

For improvement of Internet connectivity place the extender away from big appliances like microwaves etc.

This SETEK extender is prepared with 4 high-speed antennas which ensure you get 300mbps of speed to smoothly surf the Internet. With this you can simply connect your smart tv, gaming console, firestick, etc through an ethernet cable to this SETEK ultra extender. It is configured to fit any interior and connect with any device you have like windows, Mac, iOS, android, security camera, Roku, etc.

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