How to Setup Valet M10 or M20 Router

Hello, Please let me know that how to setup valet M10 or M20 router. I bought this new router but now i am facing some issue in setup of this router. Help me.
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Setup Valet M10 or M20 Router:

Have you ever setup valet M10 or M20 router? Most of you would not know that Cisco Valet M10 is just like the Linksys wireless E1000. This means that the basic functionality and troubleshooting of Valet M10 is the same as that of Linksys E1000. Anyone could hardly find the difference between these 2 router models.

Similarly, the Cisco valet plus M20 is just the same as the Linksys E2000, which means that the basic functions and troubleshooting will remain the same. Linksys E2000 is compatible working with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless signals, whereas the Cisco Valet M20 works only with the 2.4 GHz wireless signal. For Linksys E1000 and E2000 routers, you get the hardware warranty of 1 year and the free technical support of 90 days. 

On the other hand, Cisco Valet M10 and M20 routers offer the hardware warranty of 1 year and free technical support of 1 year. Router users will experience a price difference between the Linksys E series and Cisco Valet routers. The price difference is only due to the offered free technical support. As per the fact, Linksys E series routers are approximately $30 cheaper than Cisco valet routers. Now, let's proceed with the setup valet M10 or M20 router.

Procedure to Setup Valet M10 or M20 Router

Generally, Cisco valet M10 and M20 routers come along with the Flash drive or Easy setup key. This implies that you are not required to run the CD. You simply have to connect the flash drive to your main computer and then run the Cisco connect software. The software then completes all the required setup for you. After you set up the Cisco connect software on the main computer, you can easily access the Internet using your main computer.

Further, you need to connect the setup key to the wireless computer. This key will then connect your wireless computer to the network automatically without any manual action. In case, you have got another wireless computer, then you can connect the key to other wireless computers as well. Thereafter, that computer will also then connect to the wireless network automatically.

Moreover, you can even install the Valet routers without using the Cisco connect software. Similar to the other routers, you can configure the settings of these routers from the setup page.

Setup Valet M10 or M20 Router without Using Cisco Connect Software

Step 1: Initially, connect your main computer directly to the modem. Do make sure that the internet speed is working fine through the modem.

Step 2: Next, connect your computer and modem to the Valet.

Step 3: Now, try to launch the setup or configuration page of the Valet to modify the internet connection settings. Here, you need to create a new wireless network with a new security password.

Step 4: Next, connect your other computers and devices to the same router network.

If you face any kind of problem during setup valet M10 or M20 router using Cisco connect software then you can do it without using a program. Yes, you can set up the router manually as well. For this, you have to connect one of your computers to the Ethernet port of Valet and then open the setup page.

Here, on this page you can see all the settings that you can change manually. Further, you can change the Internet connection type and hence create your own wireless network.

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