How to Troubleshoot the Verizon Samsung Network Extender

Please let me know how to troubleshoot the Verizon Samsung network extender. I am facing some issues in this. Help me.
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Troubleshoot the Verizon Samsung Network Extender:

Your wireless cellular service's coverage area can be extended with the Verizon Samsung Network Extender to include spaces or places not currently covered by your service. 

Although mobile network equipment may appear scary, the Network Extender is a simple gadget that can be easily put back into working order by following Troubleshooting the Verizon Samsung Network Extender procedures.

Step 1: The Network Extender's location can be changed. The device operates most effectively when placed close to a window or in an open space.

Step 2: Verify the Network Extender's power supply connection. The device's ability to deliver service may need to be improved by a weak connection.

Step 3: The Ethernet connection to your cable or DSL provider should be checked. The Ethernet cable should be fully plugged into a port on your broadband modem and the router, while the other end should be in the Network Extender's port.

Step 4: If the Extender is still malfunctioning, try performing a power cycle. Removing the power wire from the device's rear and waiting five minutes before reattaching it will reset the Extender.

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  •   January 5, 2024