How to Use a Router as a Switch

Please let me know that how to use a router as a switch. I am trying it to do so many times but fail. If anyone knows then help me.
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Use a Router as a Switch:

Many little workplace routers are literally a mixture of assorted network devices in a very little package, that permits them to be used for different functions once the routing capability isn't desired or required. you'll be able to tack together your router as a switch.

Follow the Steps Below to Use a Router as a Switch:

Step 1: Connect your pc to the router employing a normal coax cable, even though the router includes wireless access, as a result of configuration changes might have an effect on the wireless signal.

Step 2: Open an online browser and enter the router's information science address, typically one thing like or

Step 3: Enter the username and positive identification for your router. By default, several routers can use "admin" for each username and positive identification. an online page showing the standing of the router is going to be displayed if the router is connected properly and therefore the login was fortunate.

Step 4: Set the information science address of the router to AN address that may not conflict with the most router on the network. As an example, if the most common router is, strive to set the one to be used as a switch to This setting is also on the standing page or the administration page, though it'll vary from router to router.

Step 5: Turn off the DHCP server. This server permits the router to assign information science addresses to the computers connected thereto. As a result of the router going to be used as a switch, it now not must perform this operation, and therefore the main router on the network can take over this task.

Step 6: Locate the settings for the DNS server. This server ought to be turned off also. it's accustomed to translate information science addresses into the additional acquainted "www" addresses that area unit accustomed to moving to an online page. Again, a switch doesn't have to be compelled to perform this operation.

Step 7: Turn off any firewall choices that the router might have. this could need turning off many settings, counting on the actual router.

Step 8: Change the mode of your router to entry or switch if your router has AN "Operating Mode" setting.

Step 9: Remove any port forwarding entries that will be used for games, peer-to-peer software packages or different applications.

Step 10: Configure the wireless portion of your router to operate for AN access purpose if this setting is obtainable.

Step 11: Save all the changes and resuscitate the router to complete the method. currently that the additional options of the router are turned off, it'll behave additionally as a put on your network.

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