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How to Use a Spare Router as a Wifi Extender?

Is there anyone who knows how to use a spare router as a wifi extender. I am facing some issues while using this router. Help me.
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Use a Spare Router as a WiFi Extender:

No matter how powerful a wireless router is, it does not have the capacity to transmit enough power to serve large residencies. The signal strength gets impacted by obstructions like metal objects and walls. Even if there is a lot of distance, then also it affects signal and speed. You can extend the reach of your wireless signal by using a wireless repeater or extender. 

Every router brand and model is different. Therefore, it won't be possible to provide a general step-by-step process that works for every router device. Also, there is a chance that an older router cannot perform well enough to save cost. Therefore, your old router cannot perform the functions of a wireless extender. So, you need to apply alternative solutions to improve your Wi-Fi speed.

Prerequisites to Use Router as a Wireless Extender 

Before you read various methods to use a spare router as a Wi-Fi extender, you must go through the items that you are going to need to make it work. Obviously, you are going to require a primary router. It is preassumed that you have this item as it directly connects to the internet. 

After that, you are going to need a second router. It has the same standard as the one that you are trying to extend. Nevertheless, routers going back to 802.11 need to work well enough. Older standards are very slow and are not useful these days. Therefore, if possible you must update the firmware to the latest version on each of the routers and reset the secondary router to the factory default settings. 

Use an Ethernet Cable to Connect Both the Routers

One of the most effective and easiest ways to use a spare router as a Wi-Fi extender is to run an Ethernet cable between two devices. This way, you will be able to see the best performance and it will be easy to configure. The main issue here is that you must run a length of Ethernet cable between the two points.

Ethernet cables are easily affordable and by using a few basic tools, you can easily wire the two points. You are done with it, you will be able to use an extended network. Prior to installing the cable permanently, you must check whether the connection is working or not. 

Connect one end of the cable to one of the regular ports of your main router. After that, connect the other end to the WAN port of your old router. This is where you need to connect your internet cable. Now, your old router will be configured as an access point.

When your router gets into AP mode, it stops working like a router. Rather, it works like a network client device. When you connect your devices to the old router, it will pass data to the primary router very quickly. 

Now, the IP address of your old router belongs to your primary router. If you wish to log in to the web interface of your old router, then you need to check the list of connected devices on the web interface of your primary router. After that, type the address in your browser. 

Use Custom Firmware to Modify the Old Router

In case your old router isn't capable of acting as a wireless extender or repeater, then you can try a different option. A lot of custom third-party routers that add new functions aren't the ones included by the manufacturer. Many times various models of routers are going to have the same hardware capability.

However, they have been restricted by the manufacturer. Many router models have the same hardware capability but the manufacturer limits them. If you use custom firmware, it will give you complete control. The two good examples would be Tomato and DD-WRT.

You can either visit their website and then search for the old model number of your router. If the model number of your router is on the list, then the repeater function will definitely be included. This is also another way to use a spare router as a Wi-Fi extender. 

Take Your WiFi Signal Further 

You can extend the reach of your wireless network without using extra hardware, You can use some great tips to make your Wi-Fi system go a little further. You just have to relocate your primary router or twiddle the antenna around for a bit. 

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