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How to Use Eero With Other Modems?

Please let me know that how to use eero with other modems. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.

Use Eero with Fios Modem:

Eero routers are increasingly getting popular owing to their greater compatibility with different modems available in the market. To use Eero with FiOs modem you require the perfect configuration of your modem with the Eero router.

Friends, I recently got my modem configured with the new Eero router by connecting it with the Ethernet cable and using “Unique” as the default SSID name. In this context, I would like to discuss with the entire user fraternity the key configuration parameters aligning which can help you enjoy seamless internet connectivity subsequent to the FiOs modem-Eero pairing.

So here is a quick walkthrough that will throw light on the configuration-related aspects that can facilitate pairing your modem with Eero conveniently.

Step 1 - Try to figure out whether your Eero is able to establish connectivity with your modem or not. If no connectivity is established, try connecting your modem with Eero using an Ethernet cable.

Step 2 - After connectivity of modem-Eero sets in, just punch in “Unique” as the regular SSID name.

Configuring FiOs Modem with the Eero Router

You can establish connectivity between FiOs modem and Eero router under the no-bridge mode with the help of Optical Network Terminal (ONT) and the Coax cable or through the Ethernet cable.

Please do remember if you wish to configure your FiOs modem with the Coax cable just give a call to Verizon Fiber Solutions Center and request them to switch from ONT to the Ethernet. And if this cannot become a reality for all practical purposes then simply activate your Eero router under the bridge mode.

Alternatively, if you wish to use Eero with FiOs modem and want a connection established via Ethernet cable then you must look into the process of releasing the DHCP lease which is mentioned below.

  1. By switching off the router for two to three hours.
  2. By giving a call to the Verizon Fiber Solutions Center to break the lease. You can get the lease broken by adhering to the troubleshooting steps under the heading “I can’t connect to the internet”.    
  3. By using the router GUI.

Step 1 - Connect your computer or laptop to your router and go on to access the router’s IP address.

Step 2 - The preferred IP addresses are and With this, you can access your router’s GUI to change or modify the settings further. 

Step 3 - Please note that the login password is “admin” or “password”.

Step 4 - To use Eero with FiOs modem pertaining to Actiontec MI424-WR router just follow the consolidated set of steps:

  • Take one step forward to click on ‘My Network’ icon displayed on top.
  • Now choose ‘Network Connections’ (coax or ethernet) that largely depends on the Optical Network Terminal.
  • Then click ‘Settings’ followed by clicking on “Release”.
  • Now don’t forget to click ‘Apply’.
  • Disconnect the router immediately to do away with any re-request for a DHCP lease.


As far as the Westell 9100EM router is concerned the ensuing steps are listed below:

  • Resort to clicking on ‘My Network’.
  • Now choose ‘Network Connections’ from the list of the menu given on the left.
  • Move ahead with selecting ‘Broadband Connection’ (coax or ethernet) depending on what kind of connection to the ONT.
  • Opt to choose ‘Configure Connection’ followed by clicking on “Release”.
  • Then click ‘Ok’
  • And then disconnect the router to prevent a re-request for the DHCP lease.
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  • Use Eero With Other Modems

How to Use Eero With Other Modems

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