How to Use Your Own Router With Verizon FiOS?

Hello, Please let me know that how to use your own router with verizon FiOS. I am facing some issue with this. Help me.

Use Your Own Router With Verizon FiOS:

This simple guide gives you a detailed understanding of how to use your own router with Verizon FiOS service. By using your router, you can avoid the rental fees and get complete control over your router network. So, if you're having FIOS internet service without TV, you can easily swap the routers.

However, if the FIOS service covers TV then you'll have one additional expense that includes a MoCA adapter to utilize internet TV services such as guide, On Demand, and the DVR.

Easy Steps to Use Your Own Router With Verizon FiOS

Part 1: Set Up The Network

Step 1: Check how the router is connected to the Optical Network Terminal (ONT). If the Verizon router shows an Ethernet cable connected to its WAN/internet port and the port's light is on, you're all set to proceed.

But if the router is connected to the ONT via coaxial (cable TV) cable, not via Ethernet then you have to perform extra steps.

Step 2: Optionally, you can switch to Ethernet to use a coaxial connection. In case, you are connected via Ethernet, then skip to the next step. Else, perform the given steps to use Ethernet.

  • Locate ONT in your home that's usually a white or silver box having the Verizon logo. Possibly, it could be placed outside the house near your telephone box.
  • Search for an Ethernet port that's usually to green LED lights at the bottom of the unit.
  • Connect an Ethernet cable from the Verizon FIOS router's WAN/Internet port to the Ethernet port present on the ONT. Let the coaxial cable remain intact for now, as the Ethernet port is not still active.
  • You may call Verizon FIOS support to get the Ethernet port on the ONT activated. Till then, continue using the coaxial connection to Use Your Own Router With Verizon FiOS.

Step 3: Buy a MoCA adapter if you're using the FIOS TV service. But if you have TV service via Verizon FIOS then switch to a new router to prevent internet-specific TV features like Guide, On Demand, and the DVR. Generally, a MoCA adapter makes your TV service work the same as before.

You might lose the ability to program your DVR remotely as you will use your own router with Verizon FiOS.

Part 2: Connect To New Router

Step 1: Remove the coaxial cable from the Verizon router. If you call Verizon for switching to Ethernet, then ensure that you can access the internet once the coaxial service is deactivated.

Step 2: Launch the web browser and visit which is the default gateway address on your Verizon router.

Step 3: Login to the router using the username (admin) and the password must be printed on the router's sticker.

Step 4: On the admin page, click My Network in the top-left corner.

Step 5: In the left side menu, click Network Connections.

Step 6: Click Broadband Connection and then Settings.

Step 7: Move down and select "Release under the "DHCP Lease" option to disconnect the router from the internet.

Step 8: Select Apply to disconnect the router. Also, unplug both the power and Ethernet cable from the backside of the Verizon router for few seconds.

Step 9: Connect the Ethernet cable to your new router's WAN/Internet port. This is usually the same end of Ethernet cable that was once plugged into the Verizon router.

Step 10: As you switch on your new router, you will get a Verizon FIOS IP address from the ONT.

Step 11: Now, you can connect your computer to the internet using a new router. If your router is compatible with Wi-Fi, then connect that way. While if you are connected via Ethernet then connect Ethernet cable from your computer's network port to LAN ports on the router.

In case the new router was configured with another network, then you will have to do a full router reset. Simply press the end of a straightened paperclip into the small hole labeled "Reset" at the back of the router.

Step 12: You can connect the MoCA adapter and restore access to full TV. Using the listed steps, get your TV set-top box back online:

  • Attach the coaxial cable to the coax-in port on the MoCA adapter.
  • Connect the Ethernet cable into the port on the MoCA adapter.
  • Plugin the other end of the Ethernet cable to any available LAN ports on your router.
  • Lastly, remove the TV set-top box for a few seconds and then plug it back in again.

Hope this guide greatly works to use your own router with Verizon FiOS.

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How to Use Your Own Router With Verizon FiOS

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