Kogan WiFi Range Extender User Guide

Please let me know that Kogan wifi range extender user guide. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.
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Kogan WiFi Range Extender User Guide:

Please try establishing a wireless connection to the universal Wi-Fi range extender by following the Kogan Wi-Fi Range Extender User Guide instructions below: 

Step 1: WiFi Range Extender reset. The device's side reset button can be used to accomplish this.

Step 2: Using Wi-Fi, connect your device to the Extender.

Step 3: In your browser, enter

Step 4: Enter the following text at the login screen: Login name: admin Username: admin

Step 5: Select your local network under the "Repeater" heading. At this point, you must sign in using your local network's password (Security Key).

You will be instantly disconnected from the Wi-Fi Range Extender, and you'll need to re-join it by entering the password for your local network. In this stage, the extender would broadcast as your home network and would no longer be known as a "Wi-Fi Extender." Your repeater is operating if you can connect to the internet after that.

FCC Radiation Exposure Statement:

The FCC's radiation exposure guidelines for an uncontrolled environment are met by this device. There must be a minimum of 20 cm between your body and also the radiator when using this equipment. 

Troubleshooting Kogan WiFi Range Extender

Step 1: Ensure that the PC is linked to the extended network SSID or establish an Ethernet cable connection to the hardware.

Step 2: Ensure that your machine is configured to automatically receive an IP address.

Step 3: Make sure you've entered http://ap.setup correctly in the browser before pressing the Enter key.

Step 4: What to do if, once setup is complete, the LEDs do not turn solid

Step 5: It's possible that you configured your host Wi-Fi with the wrong Wi-Fi password. Please access the web-based interface of the Device to verify the password then try once more.

Step 6: Restart the device and perform the configuration process once more.

Factory Reset Kogan WiFi Range Extender

Press and hold the reset button while the device is turned on until all of the LEDs briefly change. Next, release the button and watch as the device reboots.

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