Loom WiFi Extender Signal Booster Setup

Is there anyone who knows about loom WiFi extender signal booster setup. I am facing some issues while using this new extender
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Loom Wi-Fi extender signal booster is one of the most preferred choices for extending the Wi-Fi signal across your home and office. This is one of the best ways to get rid of dead zones. However, as a new user, you may find it hard to set up the loom Wi-Fi extender signal booster.

To set up the loom Wi-Fi extender, you will first have to connect the extender to a power source and access the extender's configuration page with the help of a web browser and IP address.

Later, modify the settings and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process. You have also to make sure that you keep the extender at a place where the Wi-Fi coverage is good.

By Using the WPS Button the Loom Wi-Fi Extender Signal Booster Setup can be Made to Effectuate

Step 1 - To facilitate configuring your Loom Wi-Fi Extender you must first un-box the Loom Extender device followed by plugging it into the Power socket.

Step 2 - Now you must approach your Wi-Fi router and find the WPS button therein.

Step 3 - Here you will have to press the WPS button for a time span of two seconds and must release the same subsequently.

Step 4 - Now go to your Loom Wi-Fi Extender within two minutes of pressing the WPS button on your router and press the WPS button for two seconds

Step 5 - Continue by waiting for a few seconds to allow your Loom Wi-Fi Extender to pair up with your Wi-Fi router. The linking of the Loom Wi-Fi Extender will be witnessed by the blinking of the Wi-Fi LED light.

Step 6 - Please take note of the new SSID being reflected for the Loom Extender. It may display as “home-WIFI_EXT” as the SSID for the extended network.

Step 7 - Now continue by punching the username and password of the old Wi-Fi to facilitate the pairing eventually.

Step 8 - After, you have caused the Loop Extender and router pairing you can simply place it at the place where you observe problems with the internet network.

Setting up the Loom Range Extender Using the Login Credentials

Another method to cause the Loom Wi-Fi Extender Signal Booster Setup to materialize is by entering the Login credentials when prompted.

Step 1 - Here also just begin by un-boxing the Loom Extender and fitting it into the Power socket.

Step 2 - Just prefer using a cable that connects the Loom Extender’s port to the computer. You can also wireless connections to connect to the Loom Default Wi-Fi Network.

Step 3 - Now from your web browser access the URL as a result of which you will see a login page wherein you will have to enter the password and the country name.

Step 4 - In a bid to access the router settings you must punch in “admin” as the username and password.

Step 5 - Once the login sets in you can see all available networks in the Extender Dashboard.

Step 6 - Select the preferred network to which you want to connect your Loom Extender device.

Step 7 - Now enter the password and change the SSID name if you wish so followed by saving the Settings in a bid to cause the Loom Wi-Fi Extender Signal Booster Setup to come through.

Step 8 - Now while attempting to connect using a mobile, laptop, or, computer, just check whether you get the name of your Extender.

Step 9 - Finally, punch in the old Wi-Fi password to continue using the internet connectivity of Loom Extender.

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