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The Wireless Customer You Are Calling Is Not Available? Fix it?

Is there anyone who knows about the wireless customer you are calling is not available. Help me in fixing it.
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The Wireless Customer You Are Calling Is Not Available - (Fixed)

The above-mentioned statement means that the person you are attempting or trying to connect with is either not available to receive calls or he is out of reach. You may not be able to connect with the recipient due to a software malfunction or mobile server issue.

Factors Contributing to the Unavailability of the Wireless Receiver.

Both sender and receiver might be having these below contributing factors:

  1. Out of Power or Power outage.
  2. Server issues.
  3. Recipient might have blocked you or you might blocked the recipient by mistake
  4. Misconfiguration or improper settings.
  5. The device is out of Service.

How to Fix:

The user or sender must try these below-explained actions in order to fix "The Wireless Customer You Are Calling Is Not Available" issue:

1. Give it a Few Minutes:

Poor server issues or the device running out of battery are leading reasons for the unavailability of the recipient. If you think this is the reason for the unavailability of the receiver, try reaching back after a few minutes.

2. Try to Drop a Text Message:

If you are unable to get the receiver through a voice call due to poor server issues, you can try thinking of leaving a text message for them. The message will alert the receiver by prompting a notification on their screen when they will be in coverage.

3. Try Checking Your Block List:

The contacts can be added to the block list deliberately or unintentionally by the user. The sender must be sure that the recipient he is trying to reach must not in his block list. If the user is in your block list then first remove him from the block list.

Adhere to the below instructions  to unblock if your iPhone user:

  1. Launch the "Contacts app" on your iPhone.
  2. Use the “Search bar” of your iPhone and type “the name of recipient”
  3. Tap the “Contact” and open it.
  4. In the bottom of the page if you see the “Unblock the caller” option then Tap it.

Adhere below instructions to unblock the recipient if you are an Android user:

  • Select "Phone app".
  • Tap “More” then Tap “Settings”
  • Select “Blocked numbers”

if you see the  number of recipients in the blocked list then tap “Clear”

4. Try Dialing Other Contact Numbers or Restarting your Device.

Sometimes misconfiguration of your phone dialing system might be the reason for the unavailability of the recipient. You can check your phone's call settings by dialing other numbers, if your phone dials another number smoothly without any interruption you can try restarting your device, It might help you in configuring your phone settings right.

5. Check If the Recipient's Phone is Out of Coverage or You can Check for Service Outrages

The recipient might be unavailable because the device is out of service sometimes. In this case, the sender must contact their network operator's customer support and ask if there is some network issue in the recipient's area. If yes, then in how much time will the phone line service be operational?

Final words:

In this article we have discussed the 5 major reasons for "The Wireless Customer You Are Calling Is Not Available" with their possible troubleshooting but if you are still not able to connect with the recipient and there is something really important you want to convey then you can go for these last two suggested trials of reinserting your sim into your device and dropping a mail asking for a "Call back" at your end.

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