Trendnet Router Suddenly Not Working?

Nothing at all has been changed since I have used this router and or my newish laptop but as of last night my TRENDnet router does not want to work it is either giving me "Limited" connectivity or none at all. Only Status and WAN were lit up green and now only Status is blinking and my router doesn't even show up as being able to even try to connect to it. I've tried unplugging and replugging in everything and waited overnight. I've tried to go to my default gateway status page but it says I need some kind of username or password and even resetting the router does not help with any of these problems. I am using a windows 8 laptop and the TRENDnet model is TEW 432 BRP. My WEP key was and always has been the same too. Nothing has changed besides loss of connection. any help please?

Trendnet Router Troubleshooting Tips:

By going through your Trendnet not working query it seems that your router is at fault, i.e it is faulty and needs to be updated. I will discuss certain methods to resolve the Trendnet router not working issue, follow the instructions below-

Check all Your Connections of Trendnet Router:

This might seem basic but causes most of the issues, so make sure everything is connected properly, your Trendnet router and laptop both are connected to a power supply. If everything is in its place move to the next step.

Check Your Internet Connectivity of Trendnet Router:

To make sure your internet connection is running fine, connect your router directly to the laptop using a LAN or Ethernet cable. Now open your web browser and try connecting to a web page. If the internet connection is working well move to next step.

Configure Your Trendnet Router:

First, reset the Trendnet router by pressing the “Reset” button at the back and connect your laptop directly using a LAN cable.

Enter in your browser’s address bar. It will take you to the default router page.

Enter “admin” in SSID field and leave the “Password” field blank.

Now go to the bottom left of the page and click on “Restore default settings”. Your router will be reset to its factory settings.

Trendnet Router Firmware Update :

You need to update the firmware of Trendnet router as these contain encoded messages for the router to function properly. So head to your vendor’s website and update the firmware.

Trendnet Router Suddenly Not Working

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