Why My TRENDNET Router is Not Connecting to HP Laptop

Hello, I have a Trendnet Router, for some reason, my HP laptop cannot detect my network, it can detect other networks nearby but not mine. I have checked all router settings but I'm not sure what things needs to get changed. I also tried to connect the router through an ethernet cable but still, I am experiencing same problem. So please tell me how can I resolve Trendnet router issue?

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Fix TRENDNET Router is Not Connecting to Laptop:

There may be various technical reasons behind if your Trendnet router is not connecting to HP laptop. Although it might be little confusing if you are installing the Trendnet router on your laptop for the first time. But in actual, the overall process is quick and straight-forward.

Just go through this way of connecting Trendnet router to laptop -

  1. First of all, you need to disconnect cable modem from the power outlet. Now, take an ethernet cable and plug into LAN jack of Trendnet router that is located on the backside.
  2. Next, take another ethernet cable and plug its one end into router’s LAN jack and another end into your laptop.
  3. Now, you have to connect cable modem and Trendnet router to the power outlet. After connecting both devices to the power source, just press the “Turn On” button of Trendnet router. After turning on power on button confirm that Power, LAN, WLAN lights are illuminating.
  4. After finishing physical setup process, open your favourite web browser and type “” in the address bar. Press Enter key.

6. Enter login details in the required fields i.e., “admin” in the username field and leave password field blank. Hit Login button to log into Trendnet router setup wizard.

7. After entering into setup wizard, tap on “Network” and then choose “WAN Setting”. Go to Connection type drop-down and choose “DHCP”. Click on Apply button.

8. Tap on “Wireless” and then choose “Basic”. In the wireless name field, just enter a unique name and then apply the changes.

9. From the Wireless menu, choose “Security”. In the Security mode, choose “WPA2-PSK”.

10. Move to the Pre-Shared key field and enter a unique passphrase into it.

11. After finishing all settings of the Trendnet device, just click on “Apply” button to save all changes.

Note – Note down Pre-Shared key field as it will be needed in future to sign onto your network.

I hope now you are enjoying Trendnet router network on your laptop and also able to connect other wireless-capable computers and devices.

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