Why My Trendnet Router Keep Disconnecting the Connection after Some Time

I've just bought a Trendnet 658BRM router. When I turn on the router everything is working perfectly but after 20-25 minutes, my internet connection gets slow and sometimes disconnect. But the LED on the Trendnet router is still blinking. Please help me to resolve Trendnet router connectivity issue!!

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Trendnet Router Keep Disconnecting the Connection:

If your Trendnet router is disconnecting from internet continuously then you have to re-install Trendnet router, firstly remove previous software version and then install according to given steps -

Step1. Firstly disconnect the cable modem from an electrical outlet and connect an Ethernet cable to the jack on the back of the modem and the "WAN" jack on the back of the Trendnet router.

Step2. Now you have to plug an Ethernet cable into "LAN" jack that is present on the backside of Trendnet router and then connect the other end to a computer.

Step3. Connect the cable modem and the Trendnet router to an electrical outlet. Switch the power button on the back of the Trendnet router into "On" position.

Step4. Make sure “Power," "LAN," "WAN" and "WLAN" lights are on. The power light should remain solid, and the latter three light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, should be flashing, or blinking.

Step5. Open the internet browser and type "" into the address bar.

Step6. Press "Enter." Use "admin" as the username and click "OK" to log in to the router.

Step7. Click "Network" and select "WAN Setting." Select "DHCP" from the Connection Type drop-down menu. Click "Apply”.

Step8. Click "Wireless" and select "Basic." Now type a unique name for the network into the Wireless Name field and click Apply.

Step9. Choose "Security" from the Wireless menu. Select "WPA2-PSK" as the Security mode.

Step10. Enter a unique passphrase into the Pre-Shared Key field. Make sure that key consists of alphanumeric characters. Click "Apply" to finishing setting up the Trendnet router. When you have made all changes, just wait for some time and when the process is finished you will see a confirmation message on Set-up Wizard.

If you need further assistance then call at Trendnet Router HELP .

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  •   August 5, 2022