How to Install a TrendNet Wireless Router

Organizations can use a TRENDnet wireless router to connect together all of the wireless-capable computers and devices in an office. The router provides an access point to which all local devices can connect and provides safeguards to secure the network, preventing malicious users from spying on the data sent or received over the network.

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Setup TrendNet Wireless Router:

Trendnet Routers are one of the widely used wireless routers available in the market. These are easy to configure and setup and can be done so by following simple steps. Here we will be discussing ways to setup Trendnet Wireless Router from scratch.

Follow the steps below to setup Trendnet Wireless Router :

Step 1 - First connect one of the Trendnet Router’s LAN port with your laptop’s Ethernet port using a simple RJ45 LAN cable.

Step 2 - Connect the Trendnet Router’s WAN port with the modem using another LAN RJ45 cable. Make sure to connect the port labeled “WAN” at the back of your Trendnet Wireless Router.

Step 3 - Connect the AC power adapter to your Trendnet Wireless Router and then to a power supply source.

Step 4 - Now open your web browser and type in the URL field and hit “Enter”. This will take you to the default Trendnet Router home page.

Step 5 - You will be prompted to enter the username & password. Enter the given information as provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). otherwise, enter  “admin” in the username field and leave the password field blank and hit “Enter”.

Step 6 - Now you will be redirected to the Wizard section, if not click on Wizard and click “Next”.

Step 7 - From here you can change your default username and password according to your convenience.

Step 8 - Select your time zone and click “Next”. You will be asked to choose the type of internet connection you want, click on “Obtain IP Automatically” and click “Next”.

Step 9 - Now click “Next” until the setup completes and asks you for a restart of your Trendnet Wireless Router. Now switch off your Trendnet Wireless Router from the power supply and wait for few seconds before switching it on.

Step 10 - Now your Trendnet Wireless Router is configured and ready to use.

Hopefully, the steps mentioned above helped you in setup Trendnet Wireless Router from scratch. If not, kindly mention your problem or the step where you were not able to follow.

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