How to Fix Wifi Range Extenders Wont Connect to Wifi Router

Is there anyone who knows about how to fix Wifi range extenders wont connect to Wifi router. I am facing some issues in this. Help me.
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Wifi Range Extenders Won't connect to WiFi Router:

Getting a bad wifi range is something most of us have explored. Trying to find the spot that has optimum connectivity range is the most difficult task we could probably incur. Now to make sure that the entire space has a good wifi range, it is important that you get hold of good extenders.

If you need a wifi range in a large space, then installing one wifi range extender won’t do any good instead get at least two or three. But if the space that you need for the wifi connection to work is small, placing one wifi extender would work well. 

Purchasing and setting up wifi range extenders is an easy task to do, but there have been so many people who struggled when the Wifi Range Extenders wont connect to Wifi Router. There are multiple forums trying to sort out this problem with many methods which aren’t even tested.

In case you are amongst the lot, we have easy-to-follow methods to help you connect the wifi range extender to your wifi router.  

1. Reposition the Extender: 

Often while placing the wifi range extender, we place it somewhere where it isn’t able to catch hold of the Wifi router’s network range. The repositioning will help the extender to enter the range of your wifi router and get connected.

This is the easiest way to fix the Wifi Range Extenders wont connect to Wifi Router before actually getting into technicalities. 

2. Mismatched Information:

While configuring the wifi extender, there’s a high probability of the information getting mismatched. In such a case it is best to have all the information like Admin name, password, etc to make sure the configuration is correct and in place. 

3. Interruptions in Network Range:

If there are devices like televisions, microwaves, baby monitors, or cordless telephones around the extender, they could hinder the wifi range. This would make it difficult for the wifi range extender to find the wifi’s range and connect to it. Try placing the extender closer to the wifi router or try moving away from these appliances. 

4. Wrong Password or SSID:

Sometimes typing in the wrong password multiple times blocks the external device from connecting to the wifi. Similarly, if you forget your SSID it becomes difficult to connect to the Wifi router. Knowing both the password and SSID is necessary to allow any external device to connect to the wifi router. 

Once the extender is in range and still won’t connect to wifi, then you could try resetting the wifi range extender. The reset button is usually present at the back. Press it for about 10 seconds using a needle. You will need the IP address of your wifi in order to configure thE extender again.

After following this, you can easily resolve the Wifi Range Extenders wont connect to Wifi Router problem. There could be a scenario where your wifi range extender still won’t connect after trying all the methods stated above. In such cases, it’s best to reach out to the customer care of the company and ask for assistance.

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