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Verizon Slow Internet: Reasons & 10 Fixes?

Please let me know that why my Verizon Slow Internet working. If anyone knows then help me. I have no idea how to fix it.
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Verizon Slow Internet: Reasons & 10 Fixes

Do you find that your Verizon is working slowly? This may happen if you exceed the daily data limit. Therefore, before you troubleshoot your internet check the usage of your data. If data usage is not the cause of your problem, then maybe you are facing this problem because of a network outages, physical obstructions, or hardware damage. 

What Leads to a Verizon Slow Internet?

There are a lot of reasons that can lead to the problem of Verizon's slow internet. These include:

  • Bandwidth restriction
  • High network usage apps running in the background
  • A lot of devices are connected to the network. 
  • Local network outage
  • Physical obstructions around the router

How can I Fix my Slow Verizon Internet?

In case your Verizon internet is slow, then try the different solutions mentioned below. 

Solution 1: Power Cycle Your Network Equipment Cache 

In case you are storing short-term, then the router will hold an error, which reduces the overall Wi-Fi speed. Now, power cycle or restart your router to clear the cache memory. This will help you in improving Verizon slow internet.

Below are the steps that you need to perform to power cycle your internet. 

  • Disconnect your devices from the router. After that, disconnect it from the electrical outlet. 
  • Wait for half a minute and then reconnect the devices. 
  • Turn on your equipment and wait for the lights to get to their normal state.

Solution 2: Disconnect Unwanted Devices

When various devices are connected to the same network for streaming good-quality content as it can terribly impact the speed of your data. In case you are using a plan with low bandwidth, then it is not going to support multiple devices for different tasks simultaneously.

To resolve this issue, you need to upgrade your plan and disconnect the devices that you don't need from the network. You should also try updating your Wi-Fi credentials from time to time. 

Solution 3: Use an Ethernet Connection

In case you are experiencing Verizon slow internet problems on your laptop, then that may be happening because of using your wireless network and not an ethernet connection. Wi-Fi signals are sensitive to wireless as well as physical obstructions.

Moreover, ethernet cables provide better reliability in comparison to a wireless connection. However, not every device has a LAN port to connect to an ethernet cable. Therefore, in such cases, you must use ethernet adapters. 

Solution 4: Clear Apps Running in the Background

You must first check the apps that are consuming more data and then restrict their usage to improve your internet speed. Below are the steps that you need to follow to check the apps running in the background.

a) On iOS Smartphone

  • First of all, navigate to settings and then select the Cellular option. 
  • Now, go to the list of apps that are consuming data and then clear the ones that you don't need. 

b) On Android

  • Go to the option of Network and Internet given under the Settings option. 
  • After that, navigate to Data Usage and then select App data usage. Then, you must check individual usage by every app. 

Solution 5: Run a Scan of an Antimalware

The malware of your device impacts the speed of your internet by consuming a lot of data. Some malware programs record every activity of your device, which requires a lot of data. So, when you are experiencing speed issues on Verizon, you must use an antimalware tool to scan it. 

Solution 6: Keep Your Router in a Different Location 

If you keep your router on a wall or at a place where there are many electrical appliances or physical objects, which interfere with the Wi-Fi signal leading to a Verizon slow internet problem.

Therefore, you need to remove an object around your router and keep it where there is good signal strength. Keep it in the center as this way it provides better coverage in all the areas. 

Solution 7: Use a Speed Optimizer Tool 

You can improve the speed by using the Verizon speed optimizer. In case you can't find out the reason why your Verizon is so slow, then you must use this tool on the connected devices.

It will test your internet speed and let you know the potential causes that are reducing the speed. It will also help you reconfigure the settings of your network to provide you with a better speed. 

Solution 8: Turn Off Your VPN Service 

Use a VPN that reduces your internet speed as it makes use of different encryption settings to provide you safe browsing experience. It also triggers the security firewall of your system to provide added security, which leads to reduced internet speed.

If you don't wish to turn off the VPN, then you can change the encryption settings. This will help you fix Verizon slow internet problem.

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