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What Do I Need for a Mesh Network?

Is there anyone who knows about what do i need for a Mesh network. I am facing some issues while setup mesh network. Help me.

Add Mesh Network to an Existing Router:

If you are wondering how you can add a Mesh network to an existing router, then you have come to the right place. Here, you can learn how to do so by following easy and simple steps. 

How can I Add a Mesh Wi-Fi Network to an Existing Router? 

You can easily add a Mesh network to an existing router by putting it in Bridge mode. 

Step 1: First of all, it is important for you to make sure that it supports multiple nodes while connected to your router. 

Step 2: Connect your gateway node to the router and then carry out the instructions for configuration. Now, you will be required to put your gateway in the bridge mode. This mode is going to disable router functions in the gateway. 

In case the configuration screen does not appear before you, then access bridge mode under the advanced networking tab of your device's app. If you are using Google Home, then go to Wi-Fi, Settings, Advanced Settings, and then finally go to the Network Mode. 

Step 3: Place your nodes and then perform the configuration instructions in your app. 

How can I Add a Mesh Network to an Existing Modem or Router?

In case your modem has a router inbuilt in it and you only wish to use the modem part of it, then you can turn off the router inside your modem and use the Mesh network instead. 

Step 1: Disconnect your ethernet cable from your modem or router. This will reduce the demands on your router and prevent interruptions with the signal. 

Step 2: Open the combined router and modem web portal and turn on the "Bridge Mode". You may also be required to check the documentation of your device. You can generally find this in Wireless settings or a similar area. 

Step 3: In case your router does not restart automatically, then restart it manually. 

Step 4: Connect your Mesh network device and carry out the configuration information provided in the app. 

So, this is how you add a Mesh network to an existing router. Adding a Mesh network to an existing router is possible not this is not the best option. In some cases, it is better to remove or disable your current router. However, if you still need it, then you can use the Mesh networks.

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What Do I Need for a Mesh Network

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