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What is HTTP and What Port Does It Use?

Hello everyone,  Can anyone tell me what is HTTP and what port does it use ? According to my mind, I'm just doing a silly mistake again and again while using it. So, if anyone of you holds a good information related to it then please do reply as soon as possible.

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What is http and What Port does it Use:

HTTP or HyperText Transfer Protocol, is an application protocol for give out two or more multimedia facilities that includes graphics,audio,video,plain text and is the main protocol responsible for shiny content on web.

Example for the HTTP is WWW(World Wide Web).

what port does it use?

HTTP uses port 80 .Port 80/HTTP is the World Wide Web and generally associated with "the internet".

Difference between HTTP and HTTPS.

Both HTTP and HTTPS are protocols designed to transfer information between computers over WWW(World Wide Web).The main difference comes into play when "S" is attached with the "HTTP".

HTTP is not secure as compared to HTTPS because it transfers information like document, file, image, video between computers over the internet without encrypted format, due to these attacks happens over the internet.

HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure .it is secure as compared to HTTP because it uses an encrypted HTTP connection by transport -layer security. it transfers the data in an encrypted format.

Advantage of HTTP:

HTTP is platform-independent that means it allows cross-platform porting.No special independent platform needed for HTTP.

No runtime support required that means it can be used over Firewalls! for example, Global applications. HTTP is not a connection-oriented that means there is no need for network overhead to create and maintain session state and information.

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