Why does My WiFi Extender Keep Losing Connection

Hello, Please let me know that why does my WiFi extender keep losing connection. I am facing some issue in this. Help me.
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WiFi Extender Keep Losing Connection:

If your Wi-Fi extender keeps losing connection, then mentioned below are the instructions that you need to read out in order to upgrade the firmware of your extender. Upgrading the firmware will resolve your issue and provide you with a stable connection. Extender keeps dropping conection problem can arise due to unavailability of the latest firmware.

Mentioned Below are the Steps That You Need to Carry Out in Order to FixTthis Problem. 

Step 1: First thing that you need to do is to connect your extender to the adapter and then further connect your adapter to an electrical outlet. 

Step 2: Please ensure that your extender is within the range of your router. Also, make sure that the client device is linked to the network of your extender. 

Step 3: Go to and then launch extender GUI. 

Step 4: If it asks you to enter an email ID and password, then enter the ID and password, which you entered for setting up the network. In cas it ass for username and password, then enter Admin in the username section and password in the password section. 

If the default credentials don't wor then that means you have already changed the username and password of your router. Therefore, you will have to enter the new password that you just created. 

Step 5: Now, you are required to see if your extender has the latest firmware. In case your extender does not have the latest version, then you need to upgrade it to the latest version. 

Step 6: Whenever a new firmware is made available, then you will receive its notification in the extender's GUI. Tap on the alert too update your firmware. 

Step 7: After that, go to the Device Update page. Tap on Check to see if a new firmware update is available or not. In case a new firmware update is available, then you must proceed with it.

In case you areusing the Netgear extender with the latest Genie, then select firmware update and then CHECK ONLINE. In case a new firmware is made available, then upgrade the firmware.  

Step 8: Once the update gets completed, reset your extender by using a paper clip or a small pin to reset the extender. Keep on pressing it for the next 30 seconds. Once you are done with resetting the extender, wat for it to reboot. Please ensure that  the power light is either white or green. 

Step 9: Connect a device either by using a cord or through extender's wireless network. 

Step 10: Reconfigure your extender one more time. 

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  •   April 3, 2023