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Why Is My EE Router Flashing Yellow?

Please let me know that Why Is My EE Router Flashing Yellow. When I am trying to connect it then it showing yellow light. Help me in fixing it.
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EE Router Flashing Yellow:

Your EE Router flashing Yellow is generally considered “Normal” when your EE Router is initializing but it may create a panic when this Yellow Light blinks persistently ultimately reflecting that there may be something unusual with the functioning of your EE Router. Here is what you can do if you see your EE Router flashing Yellow.

1 - You should Patiently Wait for the Activation to Take Effect

In case you are a new user of EE Router then it is worth taking note that your EE Router by and large takes 24 hours to get activated which makes it somewhat normal for your EE Router to flash the Yellow Light during the activation process ultimately appealing to you to wait patiently as long as the EE Router activation is underway.

But if after the activation process has taken effect you still witness your EE Router flashing Yellow then you can refer to other troubleshooting tips mentioned underneath.

2 - Giving your EE Router a Restart is Possibly Another Option

You must perform a Power Cycle on your EE Router in the following way which helps you fix the issue of your EE Router flashing Yellow.

Step 1 - Disconnect all devices that are connected to your EE Router.

Step 2 - Switch off your EE Router by holding the Power button for a while.   

Step 3 - Now plug out all the cables connecting your EE Router along with removing the other end of the Power cable from the Power Socket

Step 4 - After waiting for a couple of minutes plug the cable back into the Power Socket and your EE Router as well.

Step 5 - Turn your EE Router “ON” finally.

3 - Check for Any Unexpected Service Outage

Any unwanted Service Outage may also cause your EE Router flashing Yellow which you should confirm from the Service Assurance Team of your EE Router. And, if you really find that a temporary Service Outage has taken place then you must patiently wait for the services to get restored.

4 - Re-Verifying the EE Router Setup

In case you have shifted to a new home and you have initialized the EE Router Setup process then you must make sure that you have complied with all the necessary steps to effectuate setting up your EE Router.

If you find this bulky then you may contact the EE Router Technical Team which can send a technician to help you fix the issue of your EE Router flashing Yellow.

5 - Ensure that Wires are Properly Connected to your EE Router

Another feasible way of fixing your EE Router flashing Yellow issue is making sure that wires are connected at both ends and the same is not damaged. You can also check for any moisture that may be present in the Power Socket.

6 - Your EE Router may not be Working in the Wireless Mode 

Quite often connecting your device under the wireless mode may result in “No-Connectivity” which can easily be handled by connecting your device directly to your EE Router with the help of an Ethernet cable.

7 - You can Reset your EE Router Carefully

To go ahead with fixing Your EE Router flashing Yellow you can simply erase off customized settings on your EE Router and cause resetting of your EE Router to materialize by adhering to the steps mentioned hereunder.

Step 1 - Find the “Reset” button on the back of your EE Router which appears in the form of a small Pinhole.

Step 2 - Now just take a small pin and insert it into the Pinhole for 20 seconds at least.

Step 3 - Thereafter, try rebooting your EE Router and initialize the Setup process.

8 - You may also Communicate with the EE Tech Team as the Last Resort  

If despite following the above seven troubleshooting tips nothing has helped then you may directly establish communication with the EE Tech Support Team by typing “HELP” along with your “Landline Number” and sending the same as a text message to the number 60071.

The EE Tech Support Team will immediately respond to your grievance and will guide you to fix the issue of your EE Router flashing Yellow.

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