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Why is My Router Not Connecting to the Internet?

Hello, Please let me that why is my router not connecting to the Internet. I have no idea where i am missing connection of internet. Give me any idea to connect router to internet.

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Solution for Router not Connecting to Wifi:

This link will provide you will all the information you need in case you are having any connectivity issues. Here we have all the solutions to deal with troubleshooting problems of wireless USB adapters, wireless extenders, wireless access points, and routers.

For Troubleshooting Network Problems:

To solve the problem of router not connecting to wifi, go through the manual that came together with your router. You can also read an online manual by going to the netgear support website. You can look for information about a particular product model. Plus, you can acquire further support if required.

If your router is linked to the internet and used to work previously, then you must take signal confirmation from the internet service provider.

  • Turn off the wireless function of the router and connect your computer system to the router directly by using an ethernet wire.
  • Restart your system and check the network connection.
  • You can redo this process by connecting your computer system to the modem and not to the router.
  • In case the network connection is not established, then you need to contact your ISP.

Here are Some Other Points That You can Use for Troubleshooting an Internet Connection:

1) Try Some Other Website or Device

You need to first determine where does the problem actually lie. Router not connecting to wifi Problem can arise if there is some kind of defect in the device that you are using. Is the issue persisting in a single device or is it present in all the other devices.

In case your computer system is not connecting to the internet, then you should try out connecting other devices at home such as your Smartphone or tab. If you are not facing any troubles in connecting those devices, then that means that there is some default in your PC.

Also, ascertain that you have enabled Wi-Fi on your machine. Additionally, ensure that you are connected to the right network name and you have entered the correct password. Sometimes the problem just gets resolved by adjusting the adapter. Moreover, check the adapter settings to ensure that you are using the right gateway.

2) Scan Viruses

There are times when you are not able to connect to the network because of the presence of a malicious software on the system. That can be sometimes the reason for the problem of router not connecting to wifi. Scan for malware, viruses, spyware as all these things can create a negative impact on the internet speed and the overall performance of your system. Windows 10 OS has an inbuilt defender that can detect the viruses present on your computer. But you also have a choice to use subscription-based as well as free utilities that are available on the internet.

3) Carefully See the Internet Package

If your internet is operating at a very slow speed, then you can run a speed test by going to websites like speedtest.net. It will show up the internet speed in MBPS. After that, move to the service provider’s website and take a look at your bill. If the speed that you operate at is the same as what you saw in the speed test, then that means you are actually receiving the speed that you paid for.

4) Check if There are Any Unknown Users on Your Network

There is a chance that you may have left a program running in the background that is eating-up all the internet speed. Maybe there is someone else in your house who is using all the internet speed. If you want to check the number of users on your network, then press ctrl+shift+esc keys on your computer and open the column of network to view the number of users availing your internet service.

5) Signal Strength Issues

Several reasons can be responsible for the slow internet speed problem and one of them is weak signal strength. Try to connect your router directly to the computer system. If the speed issue gets resolved after that, then it means Wi-Fi signal was incapacitating the speed of internet.

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