Why Port Forwarding Feature is not Working on My WiFi Router and Deco

Please let me know that why port forwarding feature is not working on my wifi router and deco. I bought this router for some time but now facing some issues when trying to fixing it. Help me.
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Port Forwarding Feature is not Working on my Wi-Fi Router and Deco:

Are you bothered because the port forwarding feature on your Wi-Fi router is not working? If yes, then read the steps mentioned below to resolve this problem. 

Steps to Fix the Port Forwarding Feature not Working Issue

Step 1: Please ensure that the server is accessible from the internal network

Carefully check the port number of the server and the IP address. Also, you need to check whether you can access the server in the local network. In case you are not able to access the server in the local network. Moreover, check server settings. 

Step 2: Check the port forwarding setting

In the next step, you are required to check the port forwarding settings of the router. 

Step 3: Check Firewall Setting

The firewall will block the connection from a separate subnet and then it will divide the difference as per the network location you have selected. 

Step 4: Carefully check the WAN IP address in the status page

If you are still encountering issues, then you must check your router's WAN IP address. Please check that your router is getting the public IP address. If it is a private IP address, then you will be required to open the port on your modem router and TP-Link router. 

Step 5: Check your client's IP setting

You are required to set the static IP in the internet setting. Therefore, it is mandatory to choose the correct IP setting. You must make sure that the LAN IP address of the router has been set as the gateway on the client's setting.

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