Why WiFi Calling Not Working on iPhone X

I have a New iPhone X and when I try to make calls through my wifi router, it doesn’t connect. WiFi calling is enabled in the settings, and everything else is working but Wifi calling isn’t.

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Fix WiFi Calling Not Working on iPhone X:

The issue of Wi-Fi calling not working generally arises after an iOS update. While the latest iOS release has been the cause of happiness of many, it has brought a lot of shortcomings and bugs along with itself.

If you are unable to use WiFi Calling from your iPhone X, make sure that your device offers WI-Fi Calling and that your devices have the latest software. There are certain methods to enable WiFi calling. We will describe some of the methods to resolve this issue.

Follow the methods below to enable WiFi calling from iPhone X.

Reset network settings-

  • Unlock your phone and go to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling.
  • Ensure that Wi-Fi Calling is on.
  • Restart your iPhone.
  • Connect your iPhone to a different WiFi network.It is done because all WiFi networks do not work with Wi-Fi Calling.
  • Turn WiFi Calling off and on .
  • Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset Network Settings.

Use the airplane mode ;

Another way to enable WiFi calling from your device is by toggling the airplane mode.By turning the airplane mode on and off you will toggle any wireless connection on your device, including your cellular data.

  • Go to settings of your phone and turn the airplane mode “on”.
  • Wait for sometime approx 30 seconds.
  • Then again toggle the airplane mode “off”.

Reboot iPhone for iOS 12 USERS ;

  • Turn off the cellular data and turn off wifi calling.
  • Wait for sometime and turn on the cellular data again.
  • Now enable wifi calling. We are pretty sure that within a few minutes of turning on and off the cellular data, your wifi will be working again.

Performing a Factory Reset

This method is mentioned at the end because it will wipe out your iPhone X clean. Performing a factory reset will erase all the previous settings and you can use wifi calling once again. But it is advisable to take backup of your settings and data before performing the factory reset.

  • Open the settings of your phone and tap on the apple id at the top of your phone.
  • Choose your iPhone from the list of devices available.
  • Tap on i cloud backup and click on backup now.
  • After creating a backup, go to settings < general < reset < Erase All Content and settings and click on confirm.

The process will take quite a few minutes. After few minutes you can either use the new settings for wifi calling or use the backup created before resetting the device.

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