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WiFi Option is Not Showing in Windows 11: How to Get it Back?

Is there anyone who knows about wifi option is not showing in Windows 11, how to get it back. I ahve no idea about this. Help me.
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Fix WiFi Option is Not Showing in Windows 11:

Many people use WiFi to connect and access the Internet. But what if WiFi vanished from the Control Panel, Settings, or system tray in Windows 11? However, many people have complained that Windows 11 lacks a WiFi option. Numerous customers have also expressed dissatisfaction over the need for a network adapter in Windows 11.

Numerous problems might cause this, both software and hardware-related. The program is probably to blame if you only started seeing it after updating to Windows 11 or the most recent version.

However, if you've experienced minor problems or noticed a slow WiFi signal strength decline over time, it might also be a hardware issue.

Why Does Windows 11 Not Display my WIFI Option?

Numerous issues could be causing WiFi troubles, so it can be challenging to identify one. Below are the most frequent causes outlined for a better understanding:

  • Problems with the WiFi adapter's driver
  • Applications that interfere with WiFi Incorrect settings
  • The WiFi icon is obscure.

Windows 11 Issues with the Current Version

The list keeps on. The ones stated above, however, are the ones most likely to cause this problem, and we will provide the solutions for each of them in the following sections.

Before continuing, our users reported faults similar to those we will also address in this article. Some of these are the most common ones:

Windows 11's WiFi adapter vanished, and the WIFI keeps going away. If you are having problems finding your WiFi adapter on your Windows PC, launch the Network Adapter troubleshooter.

The WiFi Button is not Visible or Functional in Windows 11; only Ethernet is an option. Windows 11 will not display the WiFi option in the settings menu if the device is off. You can individually turn on or off all the different network devices within the Control Panel.

WiFi Icon Removed from Windows 11: Windows 11 lacks a WIFI symbol. The issue of a missing WiFi indicator is typically caused by the fact that the required drivers are not loaded on your machine.

Windows 11's WiFi isn't Functioning: It's possible that missing, out-of-date, or corrupted wireless network drivers are to blame for the problem with Windows 11 WiFi. Usually, the drivers must be more suitable for the hardware or the operating system.

How do I Reactivate my WiFi on Windows 11?

Make careful to accomplish the following before moving on to more complex solutions:

You might have problems connecting to the Internet if the WiFi is unavailable. You can start Windows 11 in Safe Mode in this circumstance.

Switch to an Ethernet-based wired connection. These provide a higher level of security as well as are less error-prone. After securing the Internet connection, you can begin carrying out the fixes detailed here.

Making Windows 11 auto-login and forgoing the need to enter the password after booting will simplify tasks.

WiFi Driver Update

If the above methods didn't solve your problem with Windows 11 not having a WiFi option, it's time to try this approach. The Device Manager, Windows Update settings, and manually downloading and installing the driver from the official manufacturer's website were your three methods for updating a driver.

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