Windows 11 Setup Without Internet How to Easily Install it

Please let me know that Windows 11 Setup Without Internet: How to Easily Install it. If anyone knows then help me.
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Windows 11 Setup Without Internet:

For both the Home and Pro versions of Windows 11, the out-of-the-box experience (OOBE) requires an Internet connection to be completed, starting with build 22557 and above. However, there is a method to circumvent this requirement completely.

Microsoft is implementing changes to the initial Windows 11 setup without internet, making it nearly impossible to keep operating a clean installation without an Internet connection. The company wants users to connect their computers to their Microsoft accounts.

On the other hand, you will be directed to the Oops. You'll lose your internet connection screen if the setup determines that the device is disconnected. You will be asked to establish a new Internet connection if you select the Retry option.

Why can't I Get on a Network?

Wireless networks are complex due to their multiple points of failure. Identifying the cause of a network failure can be challenging, which could be anything from a malfunctioning Wi-Fi switch to a software conflict, a router problem, or an ISP issue.

Windows often cannot connect to a network due to two leading causes: incorrectly configured network settings and physical distance from the network source.

There are, however, a few more likely causes, like turning off the Wi-Fi, having a problematic connection due to software, having the network set up to require unique authentication, or having an overload on the web.

To start, try restarting your computer to see if that helps. Continuing is usually the first thing you do when debugging electronic devices. It may be adequate to fix the network issue in Windows 11.

Without the Internet, How Can I Install Windows 11?

Step 1: Put the Windows 11 installation media on a bootable USB flash drive.

Step 2: Use the bootable USB flash drive and Windows 11 to restart your computer.

Step 3: To begin the installation process, click the Install Now button and adhere to the instructions on screen.

Step 4: If you do not have a product key, select the Custom installation option when prompted, and press the I don't have a product key button from the bottom of the window.

Step 5: After choosing your keyboard layout and region, hit SHIFT + F10 on your keyboard to launch a Command Prompt window. When you see the Oops, you've lost the Internet connection screen.

Step 6: Input the command below and hit Enter:

Step 7: After an automatic restart, the Let's Connect You to a Network screen will appear on your computer. Click the "I don't have Internet" button here.

Step 8: Select Continue with limited setup to carry out the setup procedure. And that's it!

With the help of a command in Command Prompt and a bootable USB flash drive containing the OS installation media, you can set up Windows 11 without an internet connection.

In essence, you can instruct the installer to omit the network setup and install Windows 11 without a network.

When installing Windows 11 without assistance, you can follow the previously mentioned procedures to bypass the network connection section.

Check out the linked article if you're wondering how to update from Windows 10 or download Windows 11 ISO; it might be simpler than using a bootable USB drive.

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