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Hi, First, some information: I have a Inteno modem where the wifi is turned off, and i have used my Asus RT-N66U for the wireless connection (in AP mode). I have configured it to use the best channel number, but wouldnt be a problem anyway i think as i only have 2 close nabours. Its been working fine for a long time. But the last year it has started to loose internet connection. It started to happend once in a while, not very often. Last months it has happend more. The firmware was updated last week, but i did not factory reset after that. Today i woke up to a message on my phone saying IP configuration fault (Android phone). This has never occured before. My girlfriend also had lost connection. So i checked on the router and tried to connect to it with a cable but no such luck. I got a long message saying "Settings has been updated.....", i've seen this message around here when searching. But was not able to connect, not even after factory reset. The weird thing is though, the light for port 1, 2 and 3 is lit (lighted up) even though there is no connection on any port.. I have tried connecting with the cable on every port but no connection. When connecting to port 1 the light doesnt light up. I just started it up again, and now only port 2 and 3 lights up with no connections. Number 3 is flashing just like it would when a computer is connected, number 2 stay constant. 2.4 and 5ghz lights flashes occationaly to. When connecting direct to my modem with cable i have full internet access. -What have caused this? -Is it possible to solve? -How can i get to connect to it? Seems impossible at the time. Thanks for any help! I would prefere not to buy a new, as i really like this! And it isnt very cheap either..

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Asus wireless routers are among the most popular routers these days. It has a huge customer demand. However, as we know, every electronic device has some issues, and so does the Asus wireless router.

This router's main issue is that it sometimes does not work properly. To fix this issue, turn off your devices and check your cables.

The problem may arise due to overheating; you can also try to update your wifi driver, reset your Asus wireless router, and set up your Asus wireless router. Even now, if the problem has not been solved, troubleshoot it.

Here are Some Steps to Fix ASUS Wireless Router Not Working Issue:

Step1: On Off Your Devices

Disconnect your router’s power cable, wait for 10-15 seconds, and then plug it back in.  Reboot your modem if you have and your system also.

Step2: Check Cables

You need to check all of the cables concerned and make sure that they’re connected.→ Unplug all wireless cables for 1 minute and connect again.

Step3: Overheating:

Switch off for an hour and after that try to connect to your PC.

Step4: Try To Update Your WiFi Driver

  • Open Device Manager by right-clicking on My PC.
  • Go to Properties.
  • Click on Device Manager.
  • Now update your network/ WiFi driver

If update driver is not working then Uninstall your driver and reinstall the driver

now try to attach to your WiFi if not then try to reset your router and setup it again.

Step5:  Reset Your Asus Wireless Router

  • With the help of a paper clip, press and hold the reset button for at least 15 seconds after putting the power cord, then free it.
  • Now, go to your web browser and enter click on the enter button.

  • Enter your login username and password.
  • Go to restore save upload setting.
  • click on restore. 

 Now click OK then your router will reset. Now let’s configure your router setting.

Step6: Setup Your Asus Wireless Router

  • First of all, take out the internet cable from your modem and put in your router in wan port.
  • And after that take a cable that came with your router and attach with your router in one of the 4 lan port on the back and the other end in your pc.

  • Now give the router power and wait.
  • Now go to your web browser and enter the URL bar and tap on enter button.

You Will See Prompt For Username And Password

  • Type your username and password to login in the Asus wireless router.
  • Make sure you’re all the devices are connected if everything connected.

  • Click next.
  • Now click on set everything automatically.
  • Click ok.
  • Now you see the router setting to connect the internet you need to type the username and password that you got from your isp.
  • Go and scroll down to account setting.

  • But first of all you need to change the wan connection type to PPPoE.
  • Scroll down and enter your username and password. ( your internet service provider provides you)
  • Now, go down and tap on apply and wait to procedure.
  • Go to any web page to make sure the connection is set up.
  • Now you need to secure your Wi-Fi.

How to Secure Asus Wireless Router?

Follow the given steps to secure Asus wireless router and setup password on the wireless router.

  • Go to wireless
  • Choose your SSID name
  • Select wireless mode- auto
  • Channel- auto
  • Choose your authentication method – wpa2-personal.
  • Enter your password and scroll down and tap on apply and wait to proceed.
  • Now your wireless is secure
  • Now protect your setting and change the login password therefore you only will be able to change the settings.
  • Open the advance setting and under administration click system. 

  • Enter your password and tap on apply.
  • Now see on the up at right corner and click to reboot and wait.
  • Let your Asus wireless router be rebooted.

 Logout from your router page and now you are ready to connect to your Wi-Fi.

I hope above-mentioned guidelines will help you to fix your Asus wireless router is not working issue. Please comment below and please tell us if you still have any other issues with your Asus wireless router.

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