How do I Reset My Asus Router Username and Password

Hello, Please let me know that how do I reset my Asus router username and password. Now i am trying to reset but it's not working. Help me.

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It is quite crucial to change the username and password of the Asus router to prevent unauthorized access.  The default credentials of all the routers are pre-decided by the manufacturer and are known to everybody.

If you do not change the default credentials, then it becomes quite easy for people to invade your personal space.

You can change these details after logging in to the router and accessing the router's web interface. You can modify the settings at your convenience.

Once you are done changing the settings and editing the username and password, you can save the changes and apply the new settings.

How to Reset Admin Password of Asus Router?

Step 1 : Turn on your laptop or computer system and launch the internet browser on it. Now, in the URL section of your router, enter and then click on the search icon or press enter.

Alternately, you can type in in the location bar and then press enter. This will take you to Asus router administration panel.

Step 2 : Select status by clicking on Security and then change the username and password by going to the drop-down menu.

How to Reset Wireless Network Password of Asus Router?

Step 1 : Open the administration panel of your Asus router and enter the newly set username and password to log in.

Step 2 : After,logging in, the next thing that you need to do is to go to the wireless panel under the option of administrative settings.

Step 3 : Under the wireless panel, you will see various kinds of options related to the wireless network.

Step 4 : After that, choose the Wi-Fi band and network name you wish to reset the password for. In case your device does not support multiple network names and brands, then skip this step.

Step 5 : Now to reset Asus router username and password, choose the password protection type that is WEP/WEP2.

Step 6 : Type-in the new password in the password section and apply the changes made by clicking on save.

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