How do I Secure My ASUS Router

Hello, I need help with my Asus router, I recently noticed a dip in speed while working on something, when I checked the number of devices connected, it showed around 17 while I only connect 3 of my devices. I need to change the password and make it strong. Can anyone suggest me any steps to do so and How can I make my router safe against such intruders?

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Secure ASUS Router

To answer your query on How to Secure my network connection and secure ASUS RT-N66U router, just keep these points in your mind:-

  1. Enable Asus router firewall

    Navigate to configuration page and look for "Firewall" option. Here you will also see “Enable” option. Once you've enabled it, hit a click on the "Save" button and then the "Apply" button to commit the change. Once you click apply, all settings will get saved. By enabling the firewall, an extra layer of security will get added to your network and ASUS RT-N66U router and help you Get Secure Wifi.
  2. Enable wireless MAC filter

    The Wireless MAC filter feature allows a wireless device to connect to ASUS RT-N66U router if Mac Address has been entered into the filter list.  By doing MAC filtering, you can connect new devices to your network. It also improves the overall security of your wireless network.
  3. Change the default SSID name

    SSID name is that name that identifies your device i.e., ASUS RT-N66U router. By default, many routers will use the name of the router as the default SSID. For example, Asus routers use 'ASUS' as the SSID. Using a default SSID is a security risk, so change it.
  4. Use WPA

    Use WPA or WPA2 security since it is more secure than WEP. For Asus router, WPA security settings are best.
  5. Disable remote administration

    When enabled, remote administration allows anyone close enough to your Asus router to view or change your router settings. If you disable Remote Administration then no any anonymous person can modify your router settings.

Hopefully, these troubleshooting techniques helped you understand how to secure Asus router password and also how to secure your network connection. Need further help? Call right away at Asus Router team.

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Asus Router Security Settings -

First Open a web browser and enter,,, or, Or depending on the individual configuration.

The default username would be "admin" and the default password would be "admin".

When the Router is logged in then at the right on the screen you can see (system status).

There you should select the security type. (WPA. WPA2, WPA-PSK personal) and then enter your wifi password (WPA-PSK key) Hit on apply.

Your Asus router will be secured now.

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