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How do i secure my synology router?

Hello, folks! I have a Synology Router RT1900ac at my home and usually, 3 devices are connected to it all the times. But from past few days, my speed has decreased drastically. I think someone is accessing my router without my knowledge. So how do I secure my Synology router? Please help!



To secure Synology router, you need to configure security settings. Well, Synology router security settings are quite different if we compared with other routers.
Just have a look at these points to secure your Synology router:-

1.Rename your Synology router –

It is very necessary to rename your router. For this, go to Server Name field. Now enter the new name for your Synology router. But make sure it contains alphabets, numbers and special characters. After changing name hit a click on Apply button.

2.Enable HSTS – If you want to enhance security settings for your Synology router then enable HSTS. After enabling HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security), just save your settings.

3.Restrict External access to SRM – You can allow your Synology router to accept external access through HTTP ports. For this, just press a click on “Allow External Access to SRM”. After this, just click on Apply button and save the settings.

4.Change HTTPS port number -
Well, HTTPS port number is 80001/8001 by default. But according to your needs, you can change their default values.

Go to HTTP field and enter a port number (as per your need). Next, press a click on “Automatically redirect HTTP connections to HTTPS”. After this, click on Apply and save the settings.

If you face any trouble while setting Synology router’s security settings please feel free to contact Synology Router Technical Support Number.



The issue of slow speed network speed could arise due to a number of reasons. Going by your query, the issue seems to be with your Synology Router Security. Here, I will discuss a detailed stepwise process to secure your Synology Router. Follow the instructions given carefully.
How to secure Synology Router?
Step 1: Connect your Synology Router RT1900ac with your computer using an ethernet cable. Insert one end of the cable into your Synology Router RT1900ac's LAN port while the other end goes inside the ethernet port of your computer. Wait for few minutes to let the connection between the two get established.

Step 2: Open your web browser and enter your IP address in the given URL field and hit Enter. This will redirect you to the login portal of your Synology router. Enter your SSID and Password to login to your router. In case you do not know your SSID, enter "admin" and leave the password field blank and hit Enter again. This will redirect you to the main settings page of your Synology Router.

Step 3: Once on the main page, click on "Advanced Settings" > "Wireless" > "Wireless Security". Now from the given form of encryption option choose WPA2 as it is considered to be the most secure among all. Save the Settings.

Step 4: On the Wireless Security page, click or uncheck the box hiding your "Passkey". This is your wireless password or Wifi password. Enter a new password which is strong and can be remembered easily. Use of Uppercase, lowercase, and numerals combined gives you a very strong and nice password combination. Note it down if your memory is not that great. Save the settings, now only those people who have your wireless password can access your Synology Router.

Step 5: You can even use Mac filtering to resolve this issue. Mac addresses are permanent hardware address which is different for each device. So go to settings and then click on "MAC Filtering" or any option related to MAC and then enter the MAC addresses of your devices which you want to grant permission to use your WIFI.

Hopefully, the above-set of information helped you in fixing your Synology router Security issues. In case you have any query or issues related to these instructions, kindly revert back.

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